Rangers Central – Two trains waiting

the Easdale Bros., courtesy of Willie Vass

written by – William Douglas

The Gravy Train and The Investment train.Which one gets loaded?

I don’t want to labour this, or any other analogy representing the current situation at Rangers, but these ways of addressing the problems we face are intended to focus our attempts at solving the problems, so, bear with me as I draw this and other analogies together for that reason only.

As I indicated in an earlier post, all attempts to bring fair and serious investment have been “pushed into the sidings back down the track” as the incumbent board members have selfishly closed ranks to safeguard their “gravy-train” sources of income which do nothing to take the team forward but do everything to increase their stranglehold on our club to benefit only their own pockets.

Remember, for example the dishonest public releases by Mr Easdale months back that preceded and facilitated the payout to Mr Ahmed, undermining Rangers’ position at court, etc., etc.

Now, fast-forward to the current situation regarding Ally McCoist’s resignation/notice and ask yourself – In any other circumstance, wouldn’t a club arrange a more-or-less immediate settlement to relieve Ally of the weight around his neck and improve the club’s coaching dilemma?

The assumption, of course, is that we can’t afford to handle the pay-off, to which Ally would actually be entitled let’s be absolutely clear.  As such, it is therefore implied that Ally McCoist is disloyally, almost, holding a gun to the poor, beleaguered club!

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

Now, look at the OTHER changes, at board level, and watch carefully what happens when – maybe very soon now, a certain board member, Mr. Somers, decides to go, or is pushed, and see if the GRAVY TRAIN can’t find another lovely load of cash to send along the line to him!

That could not happen too easily, could it, if Ally had been “dealt with” as you would have expected he would?  So, the cash is protected for Somers or one of their own.

THE INVESTMENT TRAIN, meantime, SHOULD have been loading up with, at the very least, the half-season input that you and I STILL have in our pockets, but our offer with the sensibly proposed guarantee of asset security, is still lying exactly where the board want it…..IN THE SIDINGS, while Ashley’s £3,000,000 loan is put in place, tied up and protected while ADDING to our burden!

Now, some say the reason for empty stadiums is the team’s performances, and that may be a contributory factor, but I have to say that me and my family WOULD be there no matter the performances, because the presence of the fans is 99% normally assured out of loyalty and the knowledge that encouragement for the team from large attendances would bring us more victories.

Mike Ashley & Derek Llambias

Our absence and that of the other 20,000 of your fellow supporters is first and foremost to tell the board that their handling of the Rangers legacy is seriously flawed and that we know they are simply looking after No.1.  So, let’s have no argument that any of us are disloyal!  Those who choose to attend are NOT seen as disloyal, nor are those who sacrifice their commitment for what they perceive to be the right reasons.

So….knowing that all the finances coming from Mike Ashley and those who have been in his pocket, in my opinion, from day one, with and through Whyte – and, yes, Ticketus…(are they linked to Blue Pitch, Margharita?) and Lloyd’s Bank..is ring-fenced for HIS agenda…what are you going to do?

Will you accept that no family can thrive where there is more than one agenda…HIS…to consolidate his billions and pay lip-service to loyalty to what should be a community legacy, as against OUR agenda, which is, and has been throughout our generations, to promote and protect what our forefathers passed on to us?

It would be very nice to put trust in a man with such wealth, that’s certainly paid off for Whyte, Green, Ahmed, Stockbridge,Wallace, Crighton, Somers, and no doubt will work out to be the correct display of faith by the Easdales and Mr. Llambias – but it will never work for Rangers.  Those people have total faith in Mike, but absolutely none in you and I, and – in my book – they’re pouring the most obnoxious insult on the name of every Rangers fan past and present.

Peter McCloy

If you love your club get together and drive this lot out.  We want to get back to focussing on the game, but to purely focus on Ally’s situation or what any player brings or doesn’t bring to the game right now, is not the issue and displays the kind of blind faith and head-in-the-sand behaviour that the GRAVY TRAIN operators just love.

You will see even the supposedly savvy journalists favouring this kind of topical journalism rather than take the trouble to investigate and report properly on the real issue of the agenda driven take over of Rangers.

All they do, and I include the shallow reporting of the featherbedded ex-players with column inches in the press in this, is to latch onto the current stuff and hope the real story will either go away or jump onto their keyboards for them.

Who cares who will be next in Ally’s seat.  Get into the meat of the situation – stop boring us with news fodder! Earn your crust, ffs.

We need to get a buy-out up and running now and I appeal to the world-wide support to get together on this through either RST, RANGERS FIRST, THE UNION OF FANS, or, if they don’t want to organise it, through me.

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7 thoughts on “Rangers Central – Two trains waiting

  1. Well said mate. This needs to get sorted sooner rather than later , Ashley an co need to be put out on there asses , we have a big enough support revenue to buy our own club , So why don’t we We need to stand together
    If we can ?


  2. They won’t let anyone near it as they can’t let any ‘outsider’ see the ‘books’. Why else would they prefer to accept a £3M loan from an ‘insider’ rather than £16M investment from an ‘outsider’ which would have given control away. Keep up the boycott – even to the extent of doing the unthinkable and not attending the League Cup semi v Celtic. That would shake them and really show how serious the support is about getting rid of this lot.


    1. That’s exactly what’s happening, John, and to take action on the scale you descRibe is what we NEED to do to make them think again and realise we’re not for filling their pockets without a reciprocating show of respect from them.Respect from them….what am I saying!!!


    2. John, mentioning boycotting semi final v Celtic in your post I feel you’re confusing yourself between board and SFA. Boycott semi ( I won’t be going) by all means, but it won’t put SFA into administration but boycotting Rangers further could/will do, an act of treason in my eyes. Reference semi, buy tickets to stop THEM getting them, but stage mass walk out at kick off. That would not look good for SFA showpiece. It would be a statement to the hierarchy for all the illegal made up as you go along punishments. That’s one boycott you could organise as in my opinion it’s the only one worthy to execute. PS I firmly believe in time Mr Ashley will put us back where we belong with a unity of support. Backing the King camp was like voting Indy yes without a currency. Think about it.


  3. We had 200,000 in Manchester,also 30,000 in the stadium,if we all put just a fiver a week towards Rangers we would soon be back on top of the premier league.Thats just the fans who travelled to Manchester,the potential is enormous,we just need the right people in charge for to give our money to.


  4. Linda , the last part of your post is the most important .How will the right people ever get to be in charge now ,it just isn`t going to happen .The support is also too fragmented to organise this unfortunately .If everyone were to make the donation you suggest or even £18.72p per month to Rangers First they would have the funds (£4.3m a year) to keep hoovering up any shares that become available and force themselves into a position to have an influence at Ibrox .
    It hasn`t happened up to now though.


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