Ally McCoist OUT, Kenny McDowall IN?

courtesy of RFC

It’s official.  Ally McCoist has managed his last game for Rangers.  It was inevitable, ultimately costly, & has shifted the club into a new transition phase – in the season that was meant to be their final step before a return to the Premiership.

Longtime assistant manager Kenny McDowall has been tabbed to be the caretaker manager until the end of the season.  Some feel that is a formality until a permanent manger is named.  Others feel that the club will be too strapped for cash to much else.

Either way, the changes at Ibrox are far from over.  In the coming weeks expect a good number of players to be shipped out.

It would be a surprise if Lewis Macleod is not sold to the highest bidder (or Newcastle United – which would likely cause quite a storm of accusations of collusion) & it will be interesting to see if Lee Wallace finally decides to leave.

Arnold Peralta is already back home in Honduras & you wonder if he’s busy looking for a new employer.  It will be difficult to move the likes of David Templeton & Dean Shiels given their salaries but Templeton has already been linked to a loan move to Neil Lennon’s Bolton Wanderers.  

Come the end of January, there will likely be some sort of overhaul of the playing squad.  Who will replace them?  It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the replacements coming as loans (players this time) from Newcastle.  

For now, Rangers have the chance to move forward…how pretty it’s going to be is another thing.

5 thoughts on “Ally McCoist OUT, Kenny McDowall IN?

  1. Shameful to treat Ally this way.What’s wrong…can’t spare funds to terminate his contract in case the cash is needed to meet the next big pay-off to someone among the “friends”….e.g.,Somers, Llambias or whoever?(hopefully the Easdales!)
    Truth is, Ally McCoist should at least be promoted “upstairs” where we would still get the benefit of his talents in publicity/promoting the Club, etc. This remember, is the man who held it all together over at least the 1st two seasons after admin. and attracted so much income through his encouragement leading to 2 seasons of world-record attendances!


    1. dont know bill wish somebody would give me 750.000 for sitting on my backside doing nothing and ally seemed quite relieved he was out the hot seat ,we seriously need to stop all this he was a great servant stuff of course he was both were great players but crap managers


  2. McCoists lack of ability as a manager has resulted in this move , some would say a couple of years too late.I think he was a legend as a player and no-one will ever forget the job he did , keeping the club together over the last couple of years , but the fact is he is the team manager and he has been found out in this role .Even on Saturday, following a humiliating defeat , it was more of the same , a couple of different players , same tactics , same problems.Its funny how an article which headlines McCoist Out , then goes on to talk about players being shipped out .As I`ve said before apart from Wallace and McLeod none of them would be a great loss , however if too many go then we can kiss even a play off promotion goodbye.


  3. I am sorry to say that it is Ally who should be totally ashamed of the self serving manner of not only not taking responsibility for his many management failings on the back of a £14000 a week salary as well not accepting the fact he was a dud manager and walking away quietly on tip toes. Ally has a huge ego which did not allow himself to accept he was a clueless manager as we have been humiliated with some shocking performances and results and all the while Ally would blame everyone bar himself. His legend as a player will live on however lets not talk anymore about his time as a manager I am just glad he is no longer manager full stop.


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