An opportunity for Kenny

Kenny McDowall, courtesy of SNS

written by – Ian Dickie

Let me start by stating that when I heard Kenny McDowall was tabbed to be the caretaker manager until the end of the season I was a wee bit underwhelmed.  Names had been bandied about all over the place but nowhere did I hear Kenny’s name among them.

Ally McCoist had to go.  The cynics that we have become these days suggest McDowall is the cheap option, as we can’t afford to pay off Ally in full, all his staff and replace them with a new coaching team.

The news that Ian Durrant has been demoted to youth level didn’t come as any surprise because a question I have heard asked may times recently is, “what is it that Durrant does”?  In his place comes Gordon Durie.

Most of us remember times when Rangers were replacing the manager and a host of international candidates were put forward but those were very different days.   In the here and now, we really have to get the club back on an even keel financially before we ever dream about returning to our rightful place at the top of the Scottish game.

Having now had time to come to terms with our perhaps temporary management team, the thought occurred to me that this may not be too bad.  This is the same Kenny McDowall we poached from Celtic, where he was very highly rated and in all fairness before Dukebox had his team loaned out from under his feet he was making not a bad job of the youth set up.

Kenny McDowall & Gordon Durie, courtesy of SNS

Let’s hope McDowall can be his own man and abandon the style of football that we have had to endure for the last few years. Durie knows the kids who should be brought back from their loan spells and those who can be part of the first team squad as it stands at the moment.

There may even be an element of help from Newcastle United in bringing in some reinforcements.  Many of our highly paid, underachieving players need to know they are no longer guaranteed to be picked and maybe some of them will also stand up to the plate, who knows?

So for the moment, Kenny McDowall is the man in charge and all Rangers fans should get behind him.  Give him the support he needs to get our season back on track, let’s see the big crowds back at Ibrox as nothing is more intimidating for the opposition.

It is completely unthinkable that we remain in this division beyond this season, call me the eternal optimist but I genuinely believe with the right attitude, tactics, etc., that we are capable of catching an average Hearts team and getting the automatic promotion.  Kenny has the opportunity to prove this and get from the squad something Ally seemed incapable of.  There is still time get to the top of the division and it will take a monumental effort there is no doubt about that.

We will see in time whether Mike Ashley & Derek Llambias are going to take the club forward and follow through on their promise to restore us to our former glory but in the meantime our club needs us and differences must be put aside for the sake of Rangers Football Club or we may not ultimately have a club to care about.

Over to you, Kenny!

Ian Dickie is new to the Rangers Report team.  He just set up a new Twitter account so give him a follow @iansy2243


5 thoughts on “An opportunity for Kenny

  1. Hi there,

    Great article. Really enjoying reading through your site. I’ve recently started up and was wondering if you’d be willing to do a link exchange. I think your site is an excellent read and would really love to hear back from you about a reciprocal link.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!



  2. We need to see If he has a different philosophy .More of the same won`t do .Not keen on McCulloch being involved in coaching team .Will this make him even more undroppable? We `ll find out now ,if our poor football is totally down to McCoist or whether they are all of the same mind.Interesting times ahead.


    1. Intelligent debate is always welcome however it usually requires more than a bland statement. Sadly so many within our rangers family just prefer name calling and insults. For the record my head is fine, Chris.


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