Ch-ch-ch changes

Gordon Durie & Kenny McDowall, courtesy of SNS

written by Robert Gray

There’s been a lot to take in over the last few days.  Ally McCoist has gone.  Kenny McDowall has taken the reigns.  The AGM gave shareholders a good chance to hurl abuse at the board & allowed Somers, Easdale and Llambias to treat them in return with utter contempt.

We also have the news today that Ian Durrant has been demoted to the youth team with Gordon Durie and, gulp, Lee McCulloch likely to be given coaching roles under McDowall.  Where to start with all this?

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

So Long, Super Ally

I didn’t know how to feel when the news broke on Sunday that McCoist had been put on gardening leave.  Like a lot of fans, I had wanted him to leave for some time.  My tipping point had probably been the Raith Rovers Ramsdens Cup final.  Although, alarm bells had been ringing long before then.

I had expected to feel excitement when he finally left, or maybe relief.  A rebirth for our team with new ideas and a fresh approach helping us chase down Hearts and secure promotion.

I didn’t feel excitement though. Just a kind of weird sadness at seeing a club legend leave the club under these circumstances.

McCoist, the player had been a hero to so many fans and, growing up during the ’90s, I was no different.  Seeing him play out his final chapter at the club as a ‘lame duck’ manager with a squad of has-been journeymen working under a board of crooks was just depressing.

Sure, he didn’t have what it takes to be a successful manager.  As soon as we had come up against some real competition he had been quickly found out.  But for sticking by the club during such an horrendous period he deserved a better finale.

Kenny McDowall, courtesy of SNS

What to make of McDowall?

It was a surprise when McDowall was announced as the interim manager until the end of the season.  I had kind of assumed that he might be caretaker for one or two games & maybe he still will.

We have no idea if he’ll be in charge until May, January or 2018.  But assuming the club actually means what it says for a change and McDowall does stay in charge until May, I suppose it makes sense.

With us paying McCoist until next December and needing urgent funds just to survive, adding another wage to our already ludicrous bill would be suicidal.  McDowall knows the players.  He… well, who knows?

We don’t know what kind of input he had under McCoist.  I’d like to think it was minimal and we’re going to see huge changes to the starting eleven and the tactics.

Realistically though I’m expecting more of the same.

We have to give him the benefit of the doubt though. Prove me wrong,  Kenny.  Try something new.  Play 4-2-3-1.  Give us an attacking, short passing game to watch.  No more long balls.  No more Bilel Mohsni.  No more players out of position. Play Lewis Macleod as a centre midfielder.

Just shake things up, please…

The Rangers board, courtesy of PH


It’s hard to write something about people saying nothing for two hours.

Did we learn anything from what the board had to say?  No.

Did they give a straight answer to any of the shareholders’ questions?  No.

Lee McCulloch, courtesy of PA

Coaching Changes

This is one move that does seem to make quite a bit of sense.  With McDowall taking charge, shaking up the coaching team gives him a good chance to put his own stamp on the team.  Gordon Durie seems like a smart move to promote to the first team. He’s been working with the youth setup since 2012 and deserves a chance to prove himself at a higher level.

The rumours of Lee McCulloch being the other coach in the team though is a bit worrying.  McCulloch has benefitted more than any other player from our demise.  He’s gone from a useful to have squad player to a first name on the teamsheet captain and now, possibly, a first team coach.

I would love us to get away from this ‘jobs for the boys’ mentality.  Giving McCulloch a coaching role under the new team is a concern.

Hopefully like McDowall though he will prove me wrong.

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7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch changes

  1. Totally agree about the McCulloch situation , cannot criticise the guy for what he has done over the last few years , guys like him and Wallace who stuck around ,but he should be getting picked on merit .His only excuse could be playing with Mohsni but if he is alongside McGregor and his form does not improve , he should not be an automatic pick.This is a great opportunity for McDowall , the players are there to put a run together and beat Hibs and Hearts but it won`t happen if he just carries on playing the same way .Big test on Saturday !


  2. Hardly a promising start if you’re hoping McDowall will be his own man! Board – Kenny away tell yer pal Durranty he’s demoted – and while we’re at it we’re bonnier pick yer new coaching pals fir ye! Those who shouted for McCoist’s head – welcome to the era of the yes man in the dug out!


  3. Having decided they could not afford to pay off McCoist and hire a replacement they were hardly going to hire new assistants so stirring up the backroom staff is all they could do .Like it or not, until these guys on the board are removed they can hire , fire and reorganise all they want ,they are in charge.Perhaps if McCoist was prepared to tell his pals they were demoted , dropped or fired , then he might have been doing the job he was paid for and still been at the club.


    1. It’s not that they “decided” they couldn’t afford to pay off McCoist. The money’s just not there. If Ally is taking the £750,000 for the next 12 months, which he’s legally entitled to, we can’t afford to bring in a new manager. And it wouldn’t matter who was on the Board, “these guys” or anyone else.


  4. If these guys had accepted the proposal which would have allowed the investment of £16million, then the money would have been there for whoever was on the board to get rid of and pay off McCoist if they wanted to.So it does matter who is on the board.


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