“En Garde” “Touché” — It’s time to stop fencing

written by – William Douglas

Rangers supporters – it’s time to stop fencing.   Everything that could be said about the current financial plight of our club…HAS BEEN SAID.

It’s now time to leave the negative, head-in-the sand, ever-hopeful fellow supporters to their viewpoint.

Enough has been done with words and debate and we can’t wait a moment longer to move to the END-GAME.


The hope that supporters would achieve their wishes to own the club via the purchase of shares through our “Buy Rangers” schemes is not being supported sufficiently fast enough & is NOT “producing the goods”.  Any purchases of shares we make are too easily out-muscled by the repeated new share issues which favour the current power-holders while diluting whatever we put in.  Unless we support these well-audited and well-intentioned schemes in a serious BIG way, they will never tackle the problem which is very current and very fast-moving.

The numbers who have boycotted, in the region of 20,000 fans, have at their disposal potentially £4,000,000- to £6,000,000.  Withholding that amount is not, in itself, going to do ANYTHING POSITIVE.

courtesy of Getty Images

POSITIVE is organising the world-wide support into creating an urgent fund to raise BIG MONEY to take on the challenge to save our club.

To this end, I am calling on everyone with a Rangers interest, including present and past players as well as everyone of those of us who created the world-record attendance figures and, hopefully the RST and RANGERS FIRST organisations, who could redirect their “raisson d’etre” to take on the mantle of fund-holders and create the accounting facilities for this important mission.

What say you?

Will you rise for your club and drive the greed feeders from the club?

If you feel strongly about this and are finished with debating and simply giving new descriptions of this tragedy every day to “tickle the ears” of anyone who’ll listen, push your supporters group, your fellow supporters, anyone – and get this fight going with OUR CASH, not waiting for others to lead the way.

You can follow William Douglas on Twitter @williamdouglas5

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