It’s time to Follow Follow

written by – The Old Boy

I think it is now time to move on from the constant obsession with the board and their undoubted previous failings.

The major issue for every fan that goes to watch Rangers is to watch an entertaining, committed and challenging team on the park.  As an aside I would respect John Brown’s criticism of Rangers board more if he had paid for his ticket to see the Livingston game.

I remember when the Lawrence family owned Rangers, the pelters John Lawrence, the then chairman of Rangers received in his stewardship of the club.  If David Murray had not been such a successful owner of the club there would have been the same level of discussion over funding, contracts etc.  However with his successful tenure there is not much criticism or examination on how he ran the club behind the scenes.  Only on the sale to Craig Whyte is his motives questioned.

This was the same sentiment that kept Ally McCoist a legendary player in position for so long even though it was clear at an early stage he was lacking as a manager.  Whilst he will be fondly remembered as an outstanding player there is no disguising his cluelessness as a manager and he should have been self-aware enough a couple of years ago to realise that and walk away.

I also fully understand fans wishing to put the board under scrutiny.

Along with that I would also like to have transparency over what has been happening on the training ground.

courtesy of RFC

I would like fans to see on a regular basis what training the first team players are involved in from the length of time they spend at Murray Park to how long they spend on developing individual skills to the discussion of tactics.

I am sure we would have plenty of informed fans to see exactly what goes on there which is as important as to what goes on at board level.  I don’t pay to watch the board play out their games I go to watch the team.

Under Ally it seems to have been a bit of a holiday camp which might explain some of the team and individual performances we have seen in the past.

Mike Ashley, courtesy of Richard Heathcote

Mike Ashley

My view is that Mike Ashley is the only hope we have from extinction as a football club.  He has the funds to kick start Rangers into being a significant presence in Scottish football.

Is he going to do it for profit?  Of course – but he will be well aware that if the product is not good on the park Rangers fans will not return to Ibrox so it is in his commercial interest to make Rangers a success.  Simple as that.

We are going to need the clout he has to deal with the Celtic and Dundee United men and others within the SFA who are committed to destroying our club.  It is my view that is where the real battleground is going to be fought out soon for the future of the club.  If Ashley is prevented in providing funding for Rangers what is the alternative?

Dave King, who I am sure is a Rangers man through and through, has according to news reports had his business dealings re-examined by the South African revenue service.  What the SFA would make of this is easy to guess after the Craig Whyte fiasco?   After having let a dubious character like Whyte take control would they allow King with his tax record to become a Director?  Maybe not.

The Old Boy has been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years.



38 thoughts on “It’s time to Follow Follow

    1. Do you really think Lawell and Thomson at the SFA are blocking Ashley in a bid to help Rangers ? These two have hatred of Rangers running right through them . At the moment Lawell is more or less running Scottish football and has far too much power at the SFA . This must be addressed . I’m also sick of Dave King throwing us a handful of hope time after time , then nothing happens ! Its time for the so called wealthy ” Rangers ” men to put up , or just to let us know that its never going to happen , one or the other . Ashley may be the only answer , i just wish he would tell us what his plans are for the club and then maybe he would get the fans backing .


      1. I’m a Celtic fan. Listen or ignore, your choice. I don’t hate Rangers, I hate bigotry, sectarianism and racism including anti-Irish racism. The main reasons Rangers are where they are, apart from the usual desire of some so-called Rangers Men to take you for every penny you have, are the continuing belief that Rangers cannot fail – you are too Establishment, too big to die – and the people you choose as heroes e.g. Murray, King, McCoist, Whyte, Green, etc. etc. Then there is the Lawell paranoia. He is constantly hammered by Celtic fans because he does all he can to help Rangers back. But you see him as an enemy and divert your energy from the real targets – the enemy within. Rangers are pissing off almost everyone in Scottish football through the inability to accept any responsibility for the unfair winning of past titles and the constant bleating about the reactions of others who play by the rules.


        1. You don’t half talk a lot of pish, what unfair winning of past titles you imbecile, they were won fair and square, and we would still be doing so if it wasn’t for a politically inspired ( the fat war criminal and his sidekick Wilson) bogus tax case.
          When it comes to outright cheating, dodgy land deals and using corrupt councillors ( GGC & EDC) to give you land at a fraction of its true worth, and refurbish the big tin hut and surrounding area owned by Celtic free of charge, you lot certainly have a brass neck.
          For someone who supposedly hates sectarianism, it’s ripping right out of you.


          1. haha cooperhero you daft twat. EBT’s, not paying the taxman or the face painter, financial doping. Will I go on? Walter and Ally have screwed you for cash and you still bend over and ask for more. Eh and another thing where have you been the last few months? probably the boozer because if you hadn’t you’dve seen that the EU laughed the ficticious land deal rambling out of Brussels. Oh how I pity you you poor deluded soon to be defunct (again) Sevco supporter.


          2. You are just a bitter. Murray was and still is your old and new clubs biggest problem, he shat on you gullible’s and you are typical of the clowns that refuse to understand that. How sad you must feel when you and your fellow fans now have no power over saving the remnants of what used to be your club. Jeez, Hearts fans dug deep and saved their club, while you lot sat and waited for the sugar daddy to arrive and save you, he aint never coming. You listened and fell for Greens lies and do you know what, you deserve all you get. YNRA.


        2. Hey , a moment Phil. Rangers are where they are because of the biggest fraudulent scam in Scottish football history and may I add executed under the nose of the guardians of our professional game. Forth coming court verdicts will unveil many culprits. Reference unfair winning of past titles, who are you to challenge the findings of a high ranked professional judge who delibirated otherwise as other punishments were also deemed illegal by other esteemed judges. You as a Celtic supporter should concentrate your questions and statements to the forth coming investigations by audit Scotland of your club. The submissions of evidence should alarm you because it could well question European commission recent verdict. Merry Xmas to you because this could be an uncomfortable year ahead for you and your club !!


          1. Don Mac, I suspect when Craig Whyte gets into the witness box there will be a number of people in a bit of a panic, David Murray for one. I would also like to make an observation that the LNS enquiry found Rangers guilty……………….however a hefty fine was imposed rather than titles being removed.


            1. Andy, Hardly crime of the century for slipshod clerical error and if clubs in SPFL in their entirety were to be fine tooth combed of their business as Rangers were, each and everyone would have something to answer for. Only it might differ on one point, that is there wouldn’t be any HMRC leaks on personal matters, leaks of such nature being a criminal offence. SDM legal experts may soon get justice on that one.


    2. Gordon, shameful comments, waken up. Mr Ashley is the only credible saviour of our club. Your views in supporting governing body is despicable, they’ve just about destroyed us with help from misled cretins like yourself. Get a grip and revert back to being a real Gers man, separate yourself from the insanity of these mad hatter boycotters’. Are you one of us WATP. If not, join your scum outfit. WE WILL SURVIVE without your attendance. God bless our Gracious Queen at this festive time.

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    3. I seriously cannot see how u qualify ‘..within the SFA who are committed to destroying our club’. Truth be told the sfa worked to get us a licence to get restarted and Regan by his most recent comments before today would clearly give his right one to have us get promoted asap. Even Lawless said the tramps were losing 10mill A SEASON without playing us. Mibbee not having lived in Scotland for 20 years gives me a more open perspective but although shocked at today’s decision but i reckon Ashley cocked it up deliberately by pushing too hard, too quick, so our only option is for more loans and he gets security over Ibrox. I can just taste him dreaming of being Rangers owner and the prestige it will bring him for a fraction of the cost of running NFC; I say back him and come summer we will see the true measure of his commitment. There are no other options now, he has his hooks in and unfortunately like Paul longpockets Murray, King hasn’t mentioned putting his own money in, but comes up with a ‘consortium’ he must have more than 16m stashed under his Ma’s bed let alone his own! A timewaster I’m afraid and sorely puzzling why he spent so much energy on the issue .


      1. Stefan, SFA through blackmail of 5 way agreement at zero hour granted us a license to play. Their views have somewhat changed in recognition of their folly. No sponsorship etc, need I bother to elaborate further on that point. In conclusion, YES the hostility to your/my club was to destroy which continues unabated to this minute and Mr Ashley hopefully will redress this hostility for a better future.


  1. Your comment about Celtic and Dundee Utd men destroying your club is absolute nonsense, almost as bad as David Somers trying to blame everyone else at the AGM this week. You should remember the SFA (for all their faults) bent every rule they could to allow Rangers to make a fresh start in the 4th tier of Scottish football. The only people who destroyed Rangers, and are currently destroying The Rangers, frequented and currently frequent the boardroom at Ibrox. I have said on this site before, Rangers need to spend the same as or less than they earn, and they will get by. It won’t be pretty but…………….

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  2. Live in Shanghai now but, in the 70’s used to use my dad’s season ticket in the old section J of the main stand – right on line with the Copland 18 yd line. Rangers is in my blood and I despair at what is happening. I thought John Brown was an egotistical embarrassment – how wrong I was and how right he has proved to be! King/Kennedy seem our only hope. I would welcome administration and another season in 2nd tier if it would resolve the control of our club.


  3. now we should starve this board and if it means admin 2 so be it
    the board should do one and let people in who care about our club we have had enough of greens whytes and somers etc and as for the easdales well say no more
    lets stick together bears and get this board out
    we don’t owe them a thing
    just remember the treatment they gave to ally,john grieg and walter all these men are rangers to the core and it is men like that we want back
    so lets get this board out


    1. Sorry Allan but did Craig Whyte not say he supported Rangers as a boy and was “a Rangers Man” when he took over at Ibrox. Calling yourself a Rangers man means nothing other to get credit from naïve supporters who think this is going to make a difference in how you perform at Ibrox. Look what a fantastic job David Murray did in bringing success to Rangers but he did not class himself with the “Rangers Man” tag


      1. Big Bear, I agree that the ‘Rangers man’ issue is not as important as some think. However, David Murray may have brought some success to Rangers, but my God at what cost?? Remember, he borrowed money to buy Rangers in the first place and simply continued to borrow huge amounts (his pals in the BoS were happy to help) and it snowballed from there. One could argue if Murray didn’t pile up colossal debt at Ibrox, the catastrophic chain of events which have engulfed Rangers in the last 3 years may never have taken place. So you don’t need to be a Rangers man but by God you better be a ‘rich’ man!!


    2. Starve the Board, you are trying to kill my club, 64 years of age I am, late fifties onwards following/supporting the RANGERS and you seem to advocate boycotting. If you have 1 active brain cell direct your energies to dialogue. How can you call yourself a Rangers man. Check the mirror and you’ll see lost standards. Merry Xmas all the same from a True Blue.


  4. There seems to be some sort of growing feeling that another administration would be a good thing , another year in the second tier , no problem.Nonsense , another administration would delay for years any prospect of European football were we to qualify .Also I think that the penalty for a second administration would be a points deduction equivalent to a third of the points gathered the previous season,Last season we earned over 100 points that would mean 33 points at least being deducted , that might even relegate us again.The rejection today of Ashleys share increase proposal , by a board of our rivals (?) will really bring things to a head .If he is unable to underwrite the share issue and no-one from outside the current shareholders can invest ,it is hard to see how they can raise the money they want .The board nailing their colours to the Ashley mast seems to have been done without thinking it through.Incidentally didn` t Romanov control two clubs when he owned Hearts and Kaunas without the SFA saying anything ?Is this a new rule ?

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  5. Can’t believe this article how long will u keep giving ur money to the charlatans that continue to run our club if we don’t get these rats out we will have no club as for mr Ashley profiteering at Newcastle who earn circa £70m per season from TV revenue £30 to £35m from season tickets but still owe him £130m as they make very little from merchandise or stadium advertising that would be our future under Ashley 2nd best in a 2 horse race

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  6. Murray used every dodgy thing at his disposal to run RFC(IL) into the ground. From EBTs to borrowing (with no intention of paying back) from his fellow brother Masterton. Murray almost ruined the game in Scotland. Almost.


  7. c,mon guys,santa will be here soon. lets leave all the bull-shit and hatred outside.
    and phil be careful for using the word hate. I think that’s what bigots do.
    anyway,merry xmas to all faiths and fans.


    1. Jeez son, what’s that about? Here’s what I said:

      I don’t hate Rangers. I hate bigotry, sectarianism and racism, including anti-Irish racism.

      Can’t see anything negative in that but, as you say, merry xmas to all!


  8. im away for a dram and put a carrot out for Rudolf and a dram for santa
    hope you all have a nice one. my thoughts are with the families of Glasgow
    lorry crash and indeed all others who have lost loved ones.
    all the best to you all..


  9. Yes it’s time for even less noise. The Rangers support apart from a vocal few has been an embarrassment.. If Craig White had done what he’d done to Celtic and appeared in court there would have been 2,000 fans down there not 2 guys and a dog along with loads of press. If Easdale had turned up to sack a Rangers manager after going behind his back leaking on the day of a match that he’d had enough and taken the unprecedented step of detailing a non-directors wage in a submission to the stock exchange like the rat he is! there would have been more than one wee woman to put a flea in his ear. This attitude is the reason a long line of parasites have got away with it and Rangers as a club is an unrecognisable carcase of it’s former self. You expect this from that odd Board friendly website Ibrox noise not this website. Pathetic, you get what you deserve.

    Merry Christmas


  10. the comparisons between both Rangers and Hearts are worth considering, back in admin time, we Jambos just wanted to have a club to support, in whatever league. We looked into the future and it was obvious admin was on the horizon, we then got together as FOH and set out key common goals, all in the same direction. You know the rest I guess. Seems to me this is the thing Bears should have done or should now be doing? I would never want another Romanov, or in your case a Murray ( Ashley) much better that the club is rebuilt from bottom up, no sense of entitlement, every victory earned and respected. Only then will you guys get your Rangers back, ….. I wish you well!


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