All Barrie McKay wants for Christmas is…

Barrie McKay, courtesy of Eddie Doig

written by – Rangers Report

What does Barrie McKay want for Christmas?  More of the same, please.

That would be at the top of the wishlist for McKay, along with the two men who may have the biggest say in the 19-year old’s immediate future.

Raith Rovers manager Grant Murray has been singing McKay’s praises of late & it is almost certain that he would look to extend McKay’s loan.

New Rangers boss Kenny McDowall has intimated that he plans “more of the same” with his recent comments, via The Daily Mail – “There’s not a whole load I can change because everything Ally  was doing was with my backing.”

Of course, McKay was not on his mind when McDowall made those comments – but it is hard to imagine him fighting for McKay to feature more as Ally McCoist deemed him not ready to play first team football.  Remember, he only saw 65 minutes of football for Rangers all of last season.

This season McKay has already gone over the 900 minute plateau for Raith Rovers.  He has played in 12 matches, starting in eleven of them.  He has also tallied two goals.  Beyond the numbers he has arguably become the most valuable player for a Raith Rovers side that has struggled this season – managing only five wins in 17 matches.

Murray’s deployment of McKay was conservative at first, as he was often subbed out after an hour or so.  However, Raith supporters began to greet McKay’s departures  with a chorus of boos — not directed at McKay but rather at the manager for taking the youngster out.

Murray has learned his lesson & has embraced leaning on the Rangers winger more & more.

Barrie McKay, courtesy of Michael Schofield

Even as Murray’s job security becomes more fragile, with the losses piling up – McKay has been tagged as “the one glimmer of hope.”

Earlier this week McKay spoke with The Courier what the new year has in store for his progression.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here but I don’t know as yet whether I’ll be staying here or going back to Rangers.  Wherever I am, I’m happy as long as I’m playing on a regular basis.”

Wrapped neatly in his diplomacy is a direct call to Rangers — ‘only bring me back if you’re going to play me’ – otherwise don’t bother.

McKay should not be tabbed as a savior for a struggling Rangers side, but he could definitely symbolize a new dedication to youth & pace that the club has been lacking for a while now.

It’s up to McDowall to make actions speak louder than words with regards to the likes of McKay, Calum Gallagher & Luca Gasparotto.  Right now even the words don’t sound too promising.

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