A new low for Rangers

courtesy of SNS

written by Robert Gray

Meet the new guy, same as the old guy.

I’m not sure many Rangers fans would have been particularly enthused by Kenny McDowall’s appointment last week.  But maybe, just maybe, he would have a few ideas of his own to shake up his underperforming team.

Or maybe not.

His team sheet today struck me as a tribute to his old pal.  Everything he has said since Ally McCoist left has come across as “he was doing a great job.  The lads all wish he was still here.”

Of course they do. If I had a boss who let me get away with underperforming every day I go to work I’d be sad to see them leave too.  I get the feeling McDowall is almost acting like he doesn’t want to offend McCoist. This is the way it was when he was here, there’s nothing that needs changing.

Kenny McDowall, courtesy of RFC

Well, hopefully after today he’ll see he needs to be his own man and not a McCoist tribute act.  Today was probably the worst performance in a seemingly never ending run of terrible performances.  A 4-0 demolition in which we barely mustered a shot on target.

The most infuriating thing about all of this for me is how we only seem to have one ‘tactic’.  We play 4-4-2 and we punt the ball forward.

We’ve played six games against Hearts, Hibs and Queen of the South this season. Each game we’ve played the same formation and used the same tactics.  We’ve lost five of those six games.

At what point will our highly paid management team sit down and think ‘wait a minute, it looks like something might not be working here.’

Today was a chance to surprise Hibs.  A new manager, a new start and maybe some new tactics.  Instead, we played the same old predictable garbage and they duly took us apart.

Calum Gallagher, courtesy of Bruce Stotesbury


After today, if McDowall is still in charge, he must make massive changes to the side for next week.  We need to bring back the loan players. Barrie McKay, Robbie Crawford, Luca Gasparotto and Calum Gallagher could give the squad the shakeup it so desperately needs.

Would it be worth going down to the youth teams and bringing some players up into the first team as well?

On the flip side, there are so many players in that first team squad that should be demoted to the reserves and never come back.

Ian Black, Nicky Law, Stevie Smith, Kris Boyd, Lee McCulloch and, possibly the worst offender, Richard Foster.  Three of the four goals today came from the right back position.  He can’t continue there any longer. Of all the positions in our team, that is the one most in need of urgent change. If these guys are just in it for the pay checks, get them away from the first team and let them see out their contracts playing in the youth teams.

If we can get our loan players back we could field an almost entirely different team.

I know this is all a bit Football Manager now but it’s the only way I can look positively at this team anymore. The endless hope for change –

Bell (once fit)

Faure, Gasparotto, McGregor, Wallace

Crawford, MacLeod

McKay, Aird, Templeton


It couldn’t do any worse, could it?

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20 thoughts on “A new low for Rangers

  1. How our esteemed captain still escapes criticism in the media absolutely astounds me he is the worst rangers captain in our history, he thinks leadership is having a kick at someone when the game is lost, on kojak that is in charge now he clearly doesn’t want to be there he was nearly greetin doing interviews before the game never mind after it, the only comfort I can take from our team at the moment is twelve of them are out of contract at end of season unfortunately Fraser aired isn’t one of them.


  2. You bet it can get worse. Of all the fans eager to see the back of Ally, I wonder how many uttered the words ” it can’t get any worse”. Well, Kenny et al just went and proved today that it most definitely can. Too many overpaid, professionals picking up money that they could never hope to realise at any other club. Players going through the motions on the park. Players who are finished. Players on the sidelines that are happy to trott out the tired old cliche at a Friday press conference of working hard to try and win a place in the starting eleven when in reality they are quite happy sitting on the bench picking up dough that in their wildest dreams, they could never realistically expect to earn elsewhere. Players lacking competition for their place in the match day eighteen, never mind the first-team squad. But hey, who can blame them. If someone was daft enough and desperate enough to offer them the money, only a fool would knock it back. This has been exacerbated by operating on a day to day basis in a falsely cocooned environment at Murray Park under the premise that they should be shielded from all the off the field turmoil. McCoist’s legacy chickens have came home to roost. If he was forced to sign these players by executive influence then he can be afforded some latitude, but let’s face it, he must have played some part in the sanctioning of player signings. The inherent malaise at the club which has haunted it for close to a decade is something which will require some sharp minds predisposed to: good strategic thinking, solid identification of raw talent, fostering proper nurturing and development, promoting good organisation, ruthlessly demanding commitment and conviction with a comfortable grasp of tactical nous to address and successfully reverse. A hint of good fortune would also help as well. Otherwise, the status quo will prevail indefinitely. Regardless of mitigating circumstances, there was nothing connected with Rangers’ role in today’s football match to suggest that our sorry situation on the pitch can be remedied any time soon. I dread our upcoming meeting with Sanctimony F.C. as it would appear that the incumbent powerbrokers don’t care a jot about a potential record defeat being in the offing. I live in hope that I can be proved wrong.

    Forza Gers.


  3. I have had the good fortune of living overseas for the past 6 years and really feel sorry for all Rangers fans living in the UK (I can only imagine your pain). I was a season ticket holder for over 25 years and seldom missed a game home or away (including Europe) was even at every game in the games in the John Grieg era (one of the 4000 at the PT game). Can only say that today’s display if by far the worst I’ve seen in over 40 years of watching Rangers. At least in the dark old days the players tried this lot just don’t seem to care (watched a video yesterday of the crossbar challenge an even then not only couldn’t they hit the cross bar most of them failed to get anywhere near the goal). Would right off this year, bring back the players out on loan and with the exception of Wallace (who was mince today, but think he has just given up trying to carry this shower) and McGregor get rid of everyone who played today. Clear out the coaching staff bring in William McIntosh Davies with instructions to make sure we employ damage limitations against Celtic and put together a strategy and playing system based on a skilled passing game. If he gets a bit of luck we might get promoted via the play offs but as long as we put in plans to utilize Murray Park (start with the players being there at least 8 hours a day, if they are not training then the should be practicing, analysis past games, future opponents, etc., etc.
    Sorry Rant Over

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  4. Interesting alternative team selection although I would not have Faure anywhere near a Gers jersey .Recall McAusland to play there.We should also try Robinson until Bell is fit , Simonsen never seems to save anything and was awful at the second goal. WTFs rant could have been written by me as I agree with almost all of it. I still think a new ,decent manager could rescue the careers of some of the players , by decent tactics and forward planning.
    A few weeks ago Stubbs was commentating on a Rangers game and when asked, explained how he had set up in the 3-1 win at Ibrox, it was all about dominating midfield by having more players in there against our 2 .It was obvious he would do this again , so we should have matched up.
    Also , can anyone explain after today , why we did not take Scott Allen , a young talented, Rangers supporter who wanted to join pre season. We preferred to bring in 2 more centre backs , 2 more strikers we didn`t need. He was brilliant today and miles better than anyone we have got (maybe except McLeod )


  5. McCoist had the oppurtunity to build a team like Hearts when in the 3rd. Division but he went for the personal glory of managing a team that went through the league undefeated. Remember winning a league by 39 points means 13 games in which he could have given youth a chance. He had the opportunity in the 2nd. division to start building a team like Hibs but no he went for players who were coming onto the sell by date. He could have had an open day at Murray Park bring your boots & we will hold trials, might have got 4 or 5 players who would not have cost the earth & then blend them in with the younger players & better players he had. The same could have been carried out for the 1st. division building a team to play in the championship. No it is McCoists fault, I have been saying from day one when Smith let him manage the cup teams he is a dud. At least when John Greig realised that he could not do it, he resigned & when Murray stabbed LeGuen in the back, he also walked away without his payout. Don’t blame McCoist my arse, McDowall is trying to make the best of a bad lot but I do not think ha has the heart for it.


    1. Ronnie, you are bang on. I said at the time when Rangers started again with a blank sheet of paper in 2012, the strategy should have been different. McCoist has said on more than one occasion young players wouldn’t have won the third div and the fans wouldn’t have accepted it? Bollocks! When you consider the huge amounts of money wasted over the last 3 years, with 12 players out of contract at the end of the season, Rangers are going backwards.


      1. Thanks Andy & it shows the contempt that McCoist was showing the fans by saying they would not accept young players They would have accept them as they knew it was the way forward. Also remember Alan Hansen famous remark “Young players do not win leagues” Fergie proved him wrong in a big way


    2. I don`t think anyone is saying on here , Don`t blame McCoist ,although there is a groundswell in the press sympathising.The problem is there will be no change with McDowall in charge , he keeps talking about poor McCoist and its obvious he doesn`t want to be there.He should have said he felt sorry , but he will do things his way, but he has proved after one game that he was equally culpable for how the team play. We need someone new who will look at what we have got , including players previously ignored ,how we play , how we prepare and plan ,and change things,Only fresh thinking can start to turn things around .


  6. When will the half-witted yahoos realise that their campaign to rub people’s noses in it is boringly futile? Obsessed, small-minded cretins.


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