Hibernian 4 Rangers 0 – Three Duds of the Game

Ian Black, courtesy of SNS

Three Stars Duds of the Game

Inspiration:  After each National Hockey League game — the local media votes for the ‘Three Stars of the Game’ — basically the Man of the Match — but as a treble!  So in that spirt – normally we discuss Rangers Three Stars of the Game.  But when they play like this – we must focus the attention to the Three Duds of the Game.

First Star Dud:  Ian Black – is symbolic of the lack of leadership coming out of Rangers dressing room.  Black is a veteran of over 200 matches at the top level of Scottish football & has featured for Rangers nearly 80 times & should be relied upon to set the tone for this club, especially in big matches.  Instead you get a clumsy & embarrassing outing from the veteran.  Known for being strong on the ball, Black was totally overpowered by the likes of Scott Allan.  His booking was both stupid & pointless.  It was not a foul to set a tone, it was a player being exposed for being behind the play & he responded by committing a reckless foul in a totally harmless place on the pitch.  Kudos for Kenny McDowall for yanking Black from the game before he put the team a man down.  Now, he needs to follow it up & bench Black for the foreseeable future.

Richard Foster, courtesy of SNS

Second Star Dud:  Richard Foster – woeful defending at key moments, sending half of his passes straight to the feet of the opposition, & completely wrong-footed on Hibs’ third goal, which sent him straight to his backside.  Just a hot mess.

Third Star Dud:  Fraser Aird – poor & ineffective while on the ball & his inability to get a cross (or even a corner kick) into a dangerous area is a bit of nuisance against the likes of Cowdenbeath & an absolute liability against the likes of Hibs.  Paging Barrie McKay, your presence is desperately needed.

Nicky Law, courtesy of SNS

Dishonorable Mentions

When the player tabbed as your ‘attacking midfielder’ has almost no time on the ball then it’s nearly impossible to create a flow or continuity to your attack.  Consequently, the forwards are left to fend for themselves or wait for the hopeful long ball.  Nicky Law’s play got a little better in the second half (maybe it’s time to reconsider pairing him with Ian Black in the center of the midfield) but at some point it needs to be acknowledged that Law gets outplayed by the likes of Scott Allan & Alloa’s Ryan McCord & does not offer Rangers what those player do for their teams.   Law wasn’t bad but he was far from good enough…The experiment of Lee McCulloch as a center back needs to end, now…Nicky Clark has been one of the few positives for Rangers this year but he looked overmatched by the occasion on Saturday.

17 thoughts on “Hibernian 4 Rangers 0 – Three Duds of the Game

  1. I don’t know how you limited it to just three.

    btw you’ve got Aird as the third “dude”

    btw again – you should incorporate your 3-duds-of-the-game rankings into the overall POTY rankings, since we’re getting so many games like this, terrible performances should also be taken into account. Let’s see which if any players would end the season with a positive number.


    1. Thanks – I guess it was the Californian coming out of me. & I do incorporate the duds in the player of the year rankings — its why so many players have negative points.

      Dismal all round


  2. I actually put money on Rangers winning today as I thought they would start to turn things around with McCoist away and McDowall perhaps bringing a different approach. How wrong I was!! Let’s be honest it could have 6 or 7 for Hibs today…………..Rangers were awful, but how long have the signs been there? They were the great guys last year, running amok against plumbers, students and binmen, as soon as they came up against sides this season who could match them for fitness, (never mind skill) they can’t hack it. The January transfer window will be interesting as if anything, players will go out to cut costs and you wonder if a bid comes in for one of the errrrm better players, the Board would probably accept it. While on the subject of the Board, if anyone thinks they will accept the £6.5m offer for around 30% of shares from Park’s consortium and provide 2 seats on the Board, you must be nuts. Ashley will simply arrange more loan funding ( no doubt secured against other assets, if they are legally unfettered) or increase his shareholding via a third party, not unlike Margarita and Blue Pitch. I’m afraid the inhabitants of the gazebo will not be shifted.


  3. Aird is never a winger, and neither is Barrie McKay who heads inside as soon as he gets the ball. We have only one young player ready to play in the Championship and that is McLeod and he has been played out of position all season. Too many players out of position and no formation, what do they do at Murray Park, they should realise some players do not gel together during practice matches. McCoist and his mates have ruined Rangers, every player brought in has deteriated, this is not coincidence its tactics and formations. Even now we have Jig sticking up for him, get rid of the lot and their connections and get a new manager with no connection to the Smith area.


    1. I agree with you about McKay but remember he played in the championship last season (McCoist the only manager ever to loan out a player to the league above the one his team is playing in) Both McKay & Aird are left footed players who McCoist played on the right side of the field, might be interesting if they were given 6 games on the left side of the field. If McKay then keeps turning in Wallace can overlao the full back from the space created by McKay. I am not saying I am right but it is something I would try, a pity nobody at Murray Park thinks the same.


      1. Nonsense Ronnie ,Aird is very right footed and I think McKay is too .Aird has been tried on the left cutting in to let Wallace overlap but he doesn`t have the smarts to make it work.McKay has more ability but will probably still not get a chance unless a new manager comes in.


  4. There is not 1player in this team that would get picked in the highland league never mind where they are now,All money grabbers no heart,no guts they should be proud to wear the blue of rangers but they turn up every game same squad,same .iss ,they are getting well paid (what for) turning up ? because that,s all they are doing ,no heart,guts,or soul please god give us back what we had (WINNERS) and a manager with some brains.thank you.


  5. McDowalls comments before the game “nothing will change with the young guys out on loan , because I agreed with Ally ” and ” same team which played well last week ” told us we were in for a bad day .I thought it would be same tactics different face .I` ve been highlighting Foster as a donkey all season and it came home to roost today , he even messed up a simple throw in to start the move for the first goal .Smith was in to help defend on the left , missing at both of the first two goals .McCulloch heads a cross out into a bad area. Aird looked terrified .Black and McCulloch both think kicking people shows commitment .Felt sorry for Clark shifted to right wing to accommodate Boyd who came on and played like a tree again.I think to get the best out of Law he should be played wide midfield where he was so good for Motherwell , he lacks defensively to play central.The team is now as big a shambles as the club and will not improve with Kenny I don`t really want this job McDowall in charge.

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  6. I have been saying for weeks there have been signs of people cracking under the pressure. Yesterday the sound of bottle crashing was deafening. The players and mgt have ‘gone’ mentally, they simply cannot handle the pressure and weight of expectation. You have to worry for the rest of the season as other teams smell blood now and sense Rangers are weak.


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