“I have not played because McCoist had something personal against me”

Arnold Peralta, courtesy of SNS

Rangers midfielder Arnold Peralta spoke with Fredy Nuila of LaPrensa, a Honduran newspaper, in the build up to this weekend’s match with Hibernian.  Peralta has been receiving extra attention of late given his agent’s public announcement that Peralta is in search of a new club.

Peralta seems to believe that Ally McCoist had scapegoated him & that was why he had only made five appearances this season.

“The former coach had something personal with me.  Sometimes football is unfair.  I have ability to play here.”

“I had no problem with [McCoist].  There was a game we lost against one of the strongest teams in the league [the 3-1 loss to Hibs].”

“I made a mistake and it killed me.  That hurt because this is about a team, not just a player.”

“Since then, the coach left me out of the lineup. I do everything in training.  But I do not know what else to do.”

courtesy of SNS

Legion Catracha, who covers Honduran football, believes that McCoist’s issues with Peralta went beyond the performances on the pitch.  Legion Catracha told Rangers Report that, “given the problems at Ibrox, McCoist probably didn’t appreciate how ‘relaxed’ Peralta appeared on his Twitter & Instagram accounts.”

Peralta does not see much changing now that Kenny McDowall has replaced McCoist.

He told Nuila, “The coach we had is now gone & was replaced with his assistant.  But, things remain the same.”

“Unfortunately I have not been involved in recent months, but players are exposed to that.  Right now I’m going through bad times.”

Peralta has not played since the September loss to Hibs & at this point is not even included on the subs bench.

When asked whether new management would lead to a second chance, Peralta replied, “They [McCoist & McDowall] have the same system. On Saturday we left [for the match with Hibs] and they did not take me.”

courtesy of RFC

Peralta was more complimentary about the support he gets from his Rangers teammates – “Yes, my teammates always ask me what happened if I have a problem with the coach.”

So what now for the Honduran?  Peralta mentioned options in Costa Rica, the United States & Spain but that they were “mid-table teams.”  Legion Catracha believes that the interest will be limited, especially since Peralta missed out on the World Cup due to injury.

“He may go back to Honduras or even MLS, where Toronto was linked to him before.  But I have heard no solid rumours of where he may go.  His chances were really hurt when he picked up the injury before the Word Cup.”

Nuila asked Peralta if he was desperate – which would be understandable given his current situation with Rangers.  Peralta replied, “I am calm.  I have much to give whether it is here or elsewhere.”

“I have not played because the manager had something personal against me.”

“I keep training & hopefully will be given the opportunity to leave in January.”

Arnold Peralta wth Honduras, courtesy of Rick Bowmer

Arnold Peralta may become the poster-child of the poor management of Ally McCoist.  He has been a poor signing & was backed with a ridiculous contract given how little was known about Peralta’s abilities before he signed.  Ultimately, matters were made worse by poor management by McCoist who never gave Peralta the opportunity to earn his keep with the team by giving him a chance to play in a position he was actually comfortable with.

Legion Catracha told Rangers Report, “Peralta is a defensive midfielder…but did Rangers ever play him in that position?”  No, McCoist usually deployed Peralta as a right midfielder/winger.

“The only reason he plays right back for Honduras is because they have many good options in midfield.”  Remember, Peralta has also never even played at right back for Rangers.

Peralta is signed with Rangers through the end of the 2016-17 season.


8 thoughts on ““I have not played because McCoist had something personal against me”

  1. He’s just one of the many duds McCoist signed on inflated wages. Can I leave one last thanks to Ally for the abject shambles he has left behind him. THANKS ALLY… NOT!!!!!


  2. Peralta is lucky to have ever worn a Rangers shirt and has seldom proven himself fit for the honour . I`m sure he has never complained about the wage he picks up for doing HEE – HAW every week . The man is a donkey and comes from a long line of donkeys!!


  3. Yes he has been crap , but he was the best crosser of a ball in the team and the service from the right has not been the same since he was dropped .Probably another bad McCoist signing ,but how can he justify paying him wages and not even playing him in the development team to try to get him playing better.


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