Macleod’s departure is a punch to the gut

Lewis Macleod, courtesy of Jeff Holmes (PA)

Lewis Macleod’s seemingly likely move to Brentford is a punch to the gut of Rangers supporters.

Here was a kid who was meant to become the superstar that rose from the ashes of the past few years.  He played with passion & grit & professionalism  – all three of those characteristics are missing from nearly every other player in this current squad.

Now, his departure isn’t necessarily a surprise.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote:

Of course, any plan moving forward for Rangers should include Lewis Macleod.  He appears to be a special talent, a player you would like to build your team around & thrust into a leadership position at a early age.  However, given the current context of Rangers Football Club – you may have to prepare for the departure of the club’s finest homegrown talent since Barry Ferguson.  With teams like Aston Villa, Everton, & Newcastle United ready to prepare offers beginning at £2 million, we may be seeing the final days of Macleod starring for Rangers.

The initial reports had the transfer fee hovering around £1.5 – £2 million – now the supposed price tag has dropped to £1 million?  Jeez, where’s the business acumen?  Oh wait…I forgot who we’re talking about.

For Macleod a move to England was inevitable & going to a Championship side like Brentford is a smarter choice then moving to a Premier League team where he may have to wait a year or two to sniff first team football.  Maybe Macleod forced Rangers hand in this case.  Who knows?  But it’s a sensible move for a player that has succeeded despite the previous manager’s handling of the player.  Macleod never publicly complained about being playing out of position, but there were times when his body language on the pitch said otherwise.  But he bit his lip & bided his time.

The time has come & it looks as if Rangers will now have to figure out what to do without it’s best player.  More Steven Smith…yaaay!

20 thoughts on “Macleod’s departure is a punch to the gut

  1. yes was inevitable cannot blame the lad, and although Ally will be remembered for standing by the club the players he bought and playing these players out of position. We have been left with a gutless bunch of mercenaries of which for me that blame lies entirely with ally, the way w
    e are playing we will be lucky to make the play offs.


    1. Why should he? Truth is the club could be gone down the tubes within months and he has to look after himself. There is no future here even in the SPL..Scottish football is a dead duck. Theres nothing can ever make it as appealing as going south and perhaps one day reaching the promised land of the EPL


  2. Hopefully the money will be used to pay off McCoist and his useless ex colleagues Durrant and McDowall. The McCoist legacy will be with us for a long time, a total waster that spent £ millions that we didn’t have on his own fat salary and over the top pay cheques to the squad of wasters that he assembled.


    1. Mccoist was not the problem. It should never have got to the stage it did and many of us have to ask how we allowed that to happen. We stood by hoping some magic wand would be waved to save the club. Its shameful to think that other clubs who were at deaths door at least managed to stave off liquidation. McCoist did more than most players and fans did.


  3. I am sorry that it looks like you may be losing what some consider to be your best player. As a Brentford supporter I can tell you that I know he will be greatly appreciated by the fans here and I look forward to maybe seeing some of the great football that he seems capable of playing. As a hitherto small club, we are used to the cream of our squad moving on, so I sympathise and wish Rangers every success for the future.


    1. Best wishes to the Bees I shall be watching Lewis’s progress with interest, I predict that he will play for one of the top 5 Premiership clubs at some point in the future.


  4. In 2 yrs he will be worth 8mill, so getting rid of your brightest talent, who’s Young & home grown makes NO sense. Unless your buying time for Ashley to make his next move but you don’t have the time or funds & don’t want to accept Douglas parks generous offer?


    1. The club are desperate for money mate and simply can refuse any offer for any asset..There has been years of actions that made no sense, look where that got us this actually does make sense if it means survival.


  5. very civil comments from your goodselve Mathew.
    will return it by wishing you and Brentford all the best.
    hope young McLeod does well for Brentford.


  6. Best Wishes Lewis MAcLeod the only shining light within the worst Rangers team that I have seen in 55 years of supporting them.
    why do we have to sell him? so frustrating, to pay all the dross that the macCoist era brought to our Club.
    Clear out the coaching staff now, build from the bottom and bring through more macLeod’s, Nesses and McCabes!
    tonight it feels as if we are selling the family silver, for a couple of bob!
    who knows his leaving may spark a new era for our beleaguered football club.


  7. The only thing that is astonishing here is that it took so long for the boy to be sold!! I wonder if McCoist knew that Llambias was ready to wield the axe on the hitherto cocooned playing squad and thought, that’s it I’m off. If your skint you sell your assets, £1m is not bad for a lad with potential, but remember he has in the main been playing against plumbers, students and binmen. The Championship is a tough old league so we will see how he gets on.


      1. BEEGEE, I watched the games against Inverness, St Johnstone and Kilmarnock. Rangers were very fortunate as all 3 teams arrived at Ibrox in a very poor run of form, Kilmarnock in particular were absolutely shocking. Brentford have taken a calculated risk on a young player with potential who has been playing well in the lower divisions in Scotland. He has stood out in a very poor team full of overpaid underachievers but is clearly untested at a higher level and we will need to see how he gets on


  8. This to me ,is the final straw .The one shining light for the fans to watch , gone for next to nothing .I only hope they have put a big sell on clause in contract. If £1 million is so desperately needed then the board have no option but to stand aside and let the other interested consortiums invest and start to run the club properly.I don`t support boycotts normally, but if no-one turned up against Dumbarton and the stadium was completely empty , it would send a message that it is time for these non football people to get out of our club.


  9. Templeton will be next to leave,sad I think, then hopefully Aird , we will be left with all the dross, realy pissed off, over 60 years watching the Gers, and it’s come to this Also I don’t want an Ibrox legend, I want a manager with knowledge about how to get a team playing proper football ,but nobody with Ibrox connection in the post


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