Another youngster ‘happy’ to leave Rangers

Ryan Finnie

Former Scotland U19 defender Ryan Finnie took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that his nine month long stint with Rangers had come to an end.  The 19-year old defender signed with the club from Hamilton Academical back in March 2014.

Finnie’s tone & subsequent ‘favorites’ (i.e. affirmations) of certain replies to his announcement portray a player frustrated by the lack of opportunities available for young players at the club.

Finnie favorited the following tweets:


Ryan Finnie while with Hamilton, courtesy of Ian Buchan

Coming off the heels of Charlie Telfer’s departure, there have been rumours of other youngsters unhappy with the limited prospects offered at Ibrox.  Finnie’s departure & candid replies on Twitter echo what most observers already have concluded — youngsters chances have been stunted by an archaic philosophy that is charged with running the football operations of Rangers Football Club.



8 thoughts on “Another youngster ‘happy’ to leave Rangers

  1. First a trickle, then a flood.Can you blame them for looking elsewhere after Kenny’s public statement about the Hibs game that he was in agreement with Ally’s selection methods?That will open the floodgates of ambitious young guys heading for the door


  2. We will sadly lose a lot more quality youngsters while McDowall and Co are in charge of coaching. They are so far behind in modern day tactics it is frightening. McCoist’s legacy will cause pain for Rangers for many years to come. No more a legend in my eyes, if he ever was to start with!


  3. You guys posting need a reality check. “No more a legend in my eyes, if he ever was to start with!” and “McCoist you are a DISGRACE!” The blame for the mess that our club has become lies in the boardroom, and on the pitch. Tom, how can you say that about McCoist, when you no doubt still class the likes of Albertz and Mols as legends? Sure, his signings let him down, but no-one has done more to save our club than McCoist, anyone else would’ve had a breakdown by now. McCoist as a manager was no different than Smith, how many criticise him? The only answer is GET RID OF THE TOXIC BOARD. Things are only going to get worse under McDowall too.


    1. Have to agree100% with Badboy….McCoist may not have been best coach around but his players let him down badly and we DON’T know how much pressure the miscreant, greedy b*****ds in the boardroom put him under to get consecutive promotions.It’s fair to assume their greed would have totally precluded any notions he might have had of doing it with only our youngsters at his disposal.THEY would have insisted he use experienced pro’s and I recall that a****ole, Green publicly pressurising him to achieve in that way.The man was the cement that held it together, the board was the cancer eroding his chances.LEGEND for his DRIVE and LEGEND for his past as a player.


      1. Give over Bill you will have us all crying. It was not the board who stopped McCoist from playing young players in the 3rd. Division, which was won by 39 points. Although that is the equivalent of 13 games, I think that the league was won with 10 games remaining, Charlie Teller got one half of a game, other young players were ignored but his pals still played thus receiving their win bonus. I have been in jobs that I loved but as soon as they started to pies me about, I walked, McCoist for £850,000 or so a year.


  4. Although there is legitimate criticism of lack of opportunities for youngsters in the first team , this is hardly the case with Ryan .If you follow the U20s at all you will see that this boy didn`t get many games for them .He was brought in , given an opportunity , didn`t take it and is now moving on .Lets see where he ends up to judge how good he is and if we have made a mistake.Good Lucl to him in the future.


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