Barrie McKay responds to Rangers snub

Barrie McKay, courtesy of Donald Sinclair

The decision making at Ibrox continues to lean towards being more bizarre then thoughtful.

The club announced today that several of it’s loaned out players are returning for the new year.  Robbie Crawford (who no longer could get a game with Morton), Calum Gallagher, Kyle McAusland, Tom Walsh, & Craig Halkett are all coming back to develop under the guidance of Rangers management team.

Two noticeable names missing from that list are Barrie McKay & Luca Gasparotto.  Two players who saw first team time with Rangers back in 2012-13 were deemed better served continuing their loans with Raith Rovers & Airdrie.

McKay, who has starred for Raith Rovers against Scottish Championship teams – had made it clear that all he wants is a chance to play first team football.  Clearly, Kenny McDowall was not prepared to make that kind of commitment.

McKay took to Twitter to express his disappointment from being snubbed, again, by Rangers.

Luca Gasparotto, courtesy of Robert Dalzell

Not to be overlooked here is the dismissal of Gasparotto.  He has gone to Airdrie & helped establish one of the best defensive teams in League One – they have only conceded four goals in their last eight matches.

Also, given that Gasparotto’s contract expires at the end of the season – the message to the Canadian youngster is – ‘your future lies elsewhere.’  Given that Gasparotto is on the cusp of playing for Canada’s national team – this is an interesting discouraging decision by Rangers.

UPDATE:  Gasparotto is expected to miss up to a month league football in January for the 2015 CONCACAF U20 tournament in Jamaica.  This appears to have spurred Rangers decision to let the Canadian finish the season with Airdrie.

3 thoughts on “Barrie McKay responds to Rangers snub

  1. outrageous decisions by McDowell……These two would have been my automatic choices for a return over ANY of the others, and I’m happy THEY are coming back.Bitterness seems to be behind this rather than the good of the team.McDowell is strangling himself with the cord that ties him to Ally.

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  2. If you were not one of Allys pals, laughing at his stupid jokes then you were not one of the boys & your face did not fit. When Andy Little had a broken wrist & wanted time off to go to Dungannon, he had to do a gum yum dance in McCoists office, naturally he told him what to do. Where is Andy now. How many young players who are breaking into their national teams could be playing for Rangers Sad indeed.

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  3. Hey these bunch of chancers know they can do what they like at the moment. We should all be told exactly how much these sorry excuse for footballers are on a week. Because when the shit hit the fan about all the money disappearing, first thing ally does is go on the offensive and tell us we can’t put it down to players wages. Which is probably true but bet they are on a shitload more than we think

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