Rangers: Past, present & future

written by – The Old Boy

The Board

The board is a general term to cover the Directors of the club but what I want to know is – which specific Directors have been responsible for the financial pillaging of Rangers?

We are told onerous contracts have been signed, but what we don’t know is which Director or Directors signed what contracts and to whose benefit. Anyone looking at the accounts can see large sums of money set aside as costs under various headings but with no detail. Unfortunately commercial confidentiality is the cloak that covers a lot of Rangers outgoings including who has been responsible for handling the players’ contracts which allowed players in the fourth tier to be given salaries of £400,000 annually and employ a goalkeeping coach on a reported £150,000 annual salary. The questions on Rangers financial mismanagement are virtually endless but I am afraid looking into the future the answers will not be forthcoming.

Is there no investigative journalist in Scotland to provide an insight to what is going on at Rangers? It would appear easier to get a mole into HMRC than Rangers.


On the general point of funding football clubs, whether here or England, you need at least one investor with deep pockets. If we look across the city to “not a thin dime more” Fergus McCann. The initial results of his business model were hated as he ruthlessly cut costs to ensure the future financial stability of his club. When he left with a pay-out of £80 million pounds there were no complaints from them. Ann Budge has done exactly the same at Hearts by cutting costs and increasing revenue streams she aims to build a sustainable model to keep Hearts viable.

When it comes to our Directors –  the opportunity to grow and sustain the club with good financial governance has been well and truly blown and we are left to look at funding options going forward.

Mike Ashley

Let’s start with Mike Ashley’s proposal which would through underwriting a share issue would have seen Rangers being effectively financially secured in the short term. After the SFA’s decision it is now in Ashley’s court and who can guess his next play.

Proposal number two comes from Dave King, who I remember reading this year had asked his sons permission to give Rangers £20 million from their inheritance which I gather they agreed to. Now we discover he is now offering £16 million as part of an eight man consortium (eight more mouths to feed). I can just see Mr King sitting in front of Lawell and his cronies at the SFA asking to be deemed of sound character to become a Director at Rangers. But what if the SFA decide horror of horrors he is not a fit person to be a Director at Rangers due to his tax dealings in South Africa. That investment avenue might well hit the buffers.

In pantomime season we appropriately have The Three Bears emerging as possible investors who might, might just be the light in a very long financial tunnel.  Watch This Space!

I strongly believe however we will be rid of this board by the end of April at the latest. Ian Black has given me good odds!

Kenny McDowall, courtesy of SNS

Remember Football?

Kenny McDowall is a mini-me of Ally McCoist – with the same rabbit in the headlights look as disaster unfolds in front of him.  Like Ally, McDowall is totally clueless.

Friends of McCoist in the media are still bleating about ‘poor Ally’ and unspecified traumas that poor Ally had to endure making him out as some kind of victim instead of being one of the worst Rangers managers I can remember.

His judgement in backing Charles Green, Mather, Wallace and every other chancer to come through the door reflected how clueless he was which matched his total ineptitude in all matters regarding the playing side of the club.

Now to the facts he has been paid in the region of £3,000,000 since 2011 and given a million shares worth at a share price of 17p that would be worth £1,700,000. For this he had a wage budget for his playing staff  second only to Celtic.

In addition the players –  such as Richard ‘Nightmare’ Foster and all the other duds we are watching week in week out – were brought to the club by McCoist. In Murray Park he had a state of the art training facility which would be the envy of any club to hone skills and work on tactics. So please  – no more ‘poor Ally’.

Ally McCoist, courtesy of SNS

Ally is extremely sensitive to professional criticism hence his huff when Mark Hateley asked legitimate questions about what was going on at the Murray ‘Holiday’ Park in terms of training.  Now that Ally has gone, searching questions must be asked of McDowall as to what exactly the players do there  because there is absolutely no evidence of development in skill sets or tactical awareness.

Until a new football management team emerges the future looks bleak and I don’t see that changing before the summer.

Happy New Year to all!

The Old Boy has been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years.

13 thoughts on “Rangers: Past, present & future

    1. King fails the fit and proper test, as you cannot become a board member of a club if the previous club you served in went the way of the Dodo.


    2. What is it with fiddlers and truth, I suspect you know he and others are more likely to gain from the corruption of SARS agents.


  1. You Timmy Trolls crack me up , if you read the article the mention of Wee Fergus was in praise of what he did and how he did it , but you still have to come back with some stupid remark. Don`t you have a club of your own to follow ?


  2. First reply on any forum with regards to Rangers, been following ya for awhile and have agreed in the most with what you have reported.
    Today, I saw on the news that our one shining light (Lewis ) has left. He done this on his own accord, in a similar vein to Telfer, the chances are that he wanted to play in his proper position or that he saw no chance of progression at Ibrox.
    Looking back over the years and the players we potentially had ,fully understand his decisionOn a bright note…apparently Gallagher is back

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ben,its not he same as Telfer ,McLeod has not done this on his own accord , unlike Telfer he is still under contract for a start.No -one can talk about lack of progression for Lewis , he has become an established first team player who is a first pick when he is fit ,He is also on the verge of a Scotland cap .He has no guarantee that will still be the case at Brentford and he will have no guarantee that he will play centrally there either.The bottom line is that he was sold by the club as they needed money and he has agreed to go , he may well have been told the implications if he did not agree.It is a sad day for the club and the support and an indictment on how the club is being run by Somers and the brothers Grimm.Hopefully the tide is turning and 2015 will bring better management of the club and the team.
      Happy New Year to all Gers Supporters everywhere, hopefully 2015 will be better for us all.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not a Rangers fan, but that’s a very honest appraisal of things as I can see them from a distance.

    How good in reality can Lewis McLeod become, is he the real deal or is it all potential shown at a low level?


  4. I think McCoist was told by Llambias that playing assets were about to be sold off and McCoist thought right I’m walking away, the Rangers fans think I’m a diddy now but if I don’t make the play offs I will be slaughtered. Let’s be honest MacLeod was probably the only saleable asset as no other club would touch 95% of the rest of the players. It shows how bad the finances are though as the £1m will probably just cover the January wage bill.


    1. Me thinks Ally knew of the three bears and thinks he will be resurrected as the Messiah as far as football management is concerned. Why else would he resign when he did?


      1. Big bear, I agree that he was probably aware of things on the horizon but they would need to be off their rockers if they offered McCoist a route back to football mgt.

        Liked by 1 person

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