The most popular posts of 2014

Scot Gemmill

Football clubs are news factories & very few clubs generate a constant flow of drama like Rangers.  We have done our best to cover it all & have managed to break a story or two of our own.

It was a an exciting year for Rangers Report as we seemed to add new readers on a daily basis.  The writing team has grown & hopefully you have enjoyed the variety of perspectives the site is providing.  A podcast came & went, while your humble lead writer/editor finally got to see Rangers play in person for the first time ever when the club came to Sacramento.  I got a front row seat, on the pitch, as a member of the media & was able to interview a couple of players, along with a childhood hero.

While the less then emphatic undefeated season of 2013-14 is a distant memory, recent disfunction at the club has dominated the news cycle & much of the traffic on our site.

I’d like to thank all of you for reading…

Here are the twenty most popular posts of 2014…

1.  A plan to revolutionize Rangers Football Club 

The departure of Lewis Macleod is addressed a few weeks before it became a reality & I had my Jerry Maguire moment in which a plan to revolutionize Rangers was laid out.  It included either Scot Gemmill or Ian Cathro taking over eventually as managers & a whole new way of embracing youth development was discussed.  Lala land — I know.

2.  Stephen Thompson – The truth is Rangers are still the same club 

Oh my, the trolls were out on this one as John McIntosh offered his rebuttal to Stephen Thompson that Rangers only had two years of a history.  The alerts on my phone were obnoxious as Celtic & Dundee United supporters obsessively commented on the story.

3.  Rangers linked to Atletico Madrid midfielder??? 

Very little drives traffic like a good transfer rumour printed in a foreign tabloid…even the most far-fetched ones will always create curiosity.

4.  “I have not played because McCoist had something personal against me”

“No, it’s because you’re shite” was the most common reply…but so is half the team.  Why Peralta got singled out by management while others tortured fans with uninspired, tepid play is a bit perplexing.

5.  Rumours of late night meetings, sackings & turmoil abound after Rangers loss

When Rangers lost to Hearts to begin the 2014-15 campaign, the speculation was instant & ultimately reactionary that Ally McCoist was on the verge of losing his job.  There would still be a few more months of similar rumours & ranting before McCoist finally called it quits to work on his gardening.

6.  A manager that simply will not learn

BMC Rangers Rants made his Rangers Report debut with a pointed forecast of the mess that the upcoming season would become.  Let’s just say poor performances against the likes of Buckie Thistle & Ventura County Fusion kind of tipped off those who were paying attention that Rangers were not going to run away with the Scottish Championship.

7. Popular transfer target with Rangers supporters is on trial with Derby County

Rangers supporters were clamoring for the club to sign Scott Allan & simultaneously Allan wanted to sign with the team he idolized growing up.  Ally McCoist wanted Don Cowie.  The rest is history.

8.  Livingston’s attempts to be cheeky, fall flat in matchday programme

An overzealous writer for Livingston’s matchday programme forgot to leave the snark at the door & it cost him his gig with the club.

Chris Burke

9.  Another former Rangers player available as free agent

The power of a vague, yet tantalizing headline works every time.  Chris Burke was never going to sign with Rangers, he eventually joined Nottingham Forest, but it was summer & McCoist was lusting after former ‘Gers – so a story was born.

10.  A complete rebuilding of Rangers needs to begin with the manager

Enough was enough…Ally had to go.  What had become even more frustrating was watching a club like Hearts lay out a plan to rebuild the team on the go & implement the plan  so effectively.  Meanwhile, Kenny Miller & Kris Boyd ended up being McCoist’s ‘plan’.

11.  What went wrong for Marius Zaliukas at Leeds United?

I’m going to bust out some American English here — “He sucked then & he sucks now.”  Another fantastic move by Ally.  The accusations of a hangover causing a particularly poor performance with Leeds had to be my favorite part of this post.

12.  Ally McCoist – It’s time you left for the sake of Rangers Football Club

John McIntosh kicked off the season with another plea to Ally to leave.

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of SNS

13.  Is Charlie Telfer on verge of signing with Dundee United?

Telfer’s exit may be remembered as nexus of an exodus of young players leaving Ibrox in search of an opportunity to kickstart their careers.  A real shame this one.

14.  Rangers transfer target signs with Birmingham City

Ooooh, I wonder who spurred us this time…

15.  Celtic troll hurls ‘vile’ insults at Colin Hendry’s late wife on Twitter

Not a fun story to report on…

16.  What will it mean if Lee Wallace leaves Rangers?

It probably meant something different in August then it will in January.

Allan McGregor, courtesy of Richard Heathcote (Getty Images)

17.  BREAKING: Allan McGregor takes to Twitter to defend his decision to leave Rangers

Easily the best former Rangers Twitter-er out there.

18.  An overlooked candidate for next Rangers manager

You know what, I’d take Gordon Durie over Kenny McDowall every day of the week, especially in a caretaker role.  Cameron Scrimgeour outlines why Durie really wouldn’t be that bad of a choice for Rangers.

19.  Ally McCoist’s resignation and Ian Cathro

John McIntosh throws Ian Cathro’s name into the ring & I dare you to find fault with the idea.  Also, it was this piece that spurred my own post that came in at #1.

20.  Scott Allan’s trial with Derby County comes to an end

He was there for the taking & as one Rangers Report reader commented – Allan “would walk through broken glass to join the club he loves.”  But, Kyle Hutton was re-signed instead in a decision that encapsulates the mess that was Rangers 2014.

Let’s hope for a more positive theme to our top stories of 2015




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