Is Manchester City on verge of loaning Rangers players?

Bersant Celina, courtesy of MCFC

‘Tis the season for endless transfer speculation – some rumours are rooted in seeds of truth, while others are weeds of false speculation.  One of the rumours being churned out lately is that Rangers are set to have an influx of players loaned to them by top English teams – including Manchester City.

It worked so well with Vladimir Weiss, let’s do that same dance again.

However, it seems very unlikely that this will happen any time soon.  Danny Pugsley, who covers Man City for Bitter & Blue & for Metrotold Rangers Report that fans shouldn’t get too hopeful about players coming to Rangers anytime soon from the Sky Blues.

“I haven’t heard anything at all regarding that.  I know there’s a couple of guys up at Celtic and a few others around Europe so I don’t see any others going out really.”

“If there are any new players heading out on loan, I’d imagine it would be to an English Championship or League One level.”

The allure of sending players to gain experience at a Scottish Championship level simply isn’t that appealing for top EPL sides.

Of course the likely exception may be Newcastle United, for obvious reasons.  We recently profiled some players that could come north of the border to suit up for Rangers on a loan basis – which you can read here.


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