Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Mike Ashley

written by – Ian Dickie

I must first of all confess that as a small business owner I don’t really have much of an idea as to how a major PLC operates, it would be too simplistic to say just the same only bigger. For the sake of simplicity however let us stick with the basic fact that any business must have cash flow to continue to operate, we don’t need a degree in business studies to understand that concept. It must also satisfy and keep its customer base in order to provide a steady revenue stream.

What happens when the cash flow dries up and the customers begin to disappear? Rangers is what happens!

Much is known of the wealth of Mike Ashley if not his motives, finally Dave King has made his move by investing and of course we have The Three Bears parting with cash. To add to this growing list of very rich individuals we have possibly the richest of them all in Robert Sarver wanting to lead Rangers out of the desert and back to the Promised Land.

Robert Sarver, courtesy of Getty Images

God only knows the collective wealth of all those above. King and the Three Bears could and presumably will work together, Sarver if reports are true would only be interested if he runs the whole show and not be part of a consortium but who knows what his introduction to ‘soccer’ might be?

Ashley on the other hand is the polar opposite, he already has control and his own guys on the board in Llambias and Leach, the recent appointment of the latter suggests he has no desire to give up his current position.

So with all this money flying about and offers aplenty why then are we borrowing £500,000 from Sandy Easdale for working capital to get the club through the next few days?

What are the plans for future growth?

Have the board been told that no matter what, Ashley will bail them out and at what cost?

Llambias is today assuring the SPFL that the club are not heading for administration, on what is he basing this? Let’s hope it’s not the dreaded vote of confidence the board gives a manager just before they sack him.

Dave King

King and the Three Bears have spent significant amounts of money buying out other investors none of which benefits the club, are there still enough resources to invest further in the club to take it forward?

It appears the clubs life support operates on a daily basis and an unexpected bill could turn it off altogether, this is not the way to run any business so either tell us the plan or get out and let somebody else do it or as the Old Boy stated in a separate post on here is there something so sinister it needs to be hidden?

Just as the product on the park gets even poorer it seems the performance in the boardroom does likewise.

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2 thoughts on “Robbing Peter to pay Paul

  1. Ashley its our club. leave it to us and get out.
    take the easdales with you.
    please stop being selfish with all your money.
    thanks for your help to date but be fair your not in this as a supporter and we are.
    ruthlessness can work twoways.
    take heed.
    regards to your goodselve.


  2. This is a classic case of the vultures flying over the rotting carcass waiting to eat the entrails. In other words trying to get a prized possession on the cheap. Make no mistake, in professional’s not for the better of the club..its all about profit.


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