American investor attempts to give Rangers fans what they crave: Transparency

Robert Sarver

In his most recent statement, Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver continues the trend of providing Rangers supporters with what  they have craved for years – transparency.

The current board has failed miserably at making their intentions clear & ask any Newcastle United fan about Mike Ashley & transparency & you may get a cold, dark stare in return.

Sarver’s statement, on the backs of an increased bid for control of the club, addresses speculation that is ebbing its way through pockets of supporters.

Through a representative Sarver said:

There appears to be some speculation in online fans’ forums, prompting questions from the media asking if Mr Sarver is working in conjunction with other figures associated with Ibrox.

Let me assure you he is not.

To be very clear,  Mr Sarver has never met or spoken to Mike Ashley, Sandy Easdale or James Easdale.

And for the complete avoidance of doubt, he has never met or spoken to Charles Green or Craig Whyte.

He is not working with, acting for, or alongside any of these individuals.

Mr Sarver is acting on his own behalf, although he has repeatedly said that if he succeeds in acquiring a majority stake in Rangers he would like to work with others who clearly have the best long-term interests of Rangers at heart.

Sarver is clearly trying to win the support of Rangers supporters.  Will it be enough?


8 thoughts on “American investor attempts to give Rangers fans what they crave: Transparency

  1. Im liking this guy, but he is going about it the wrong way, i can see him walking away and leaving us to rot as per usuall, he needs to go straight to the face and lay down a number per head, no way this will work the way he wants it too because we all know mr king and the 3 bears wont sell up, i do however think that either him or king could buyout the club for atleast 10mil more then the other could use the funds they would use to purchase the club and just fule it straight into working capital


    1. You`re right , in an ideal world Mr Sarver would acquire 51 % of the rest of the shares and then work with King and the 3 Bears to rebuild the club sensibly.The shares are so scattered though ,it will prove difficult to do .Normally you could start with buying out the directors , but these guys have so few shares between them it is incredible that they are being allowed to run the club into the ground .


    1. No wonder you lot get fecked over …. not a working brain cell among the lot of you.

      The irony of this comment is hilarious. 👆


  2. razor and patty,,,more like bill and ben,,,,only a matter of time,,,WE WILL BE BACK,,,,and when we do,there will be hell to pay,,,,rangers will take their frustration out on someone,,,,probably your lot eh,


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