Rangers part ways with yet another youngster

Kyle McAusland

Kyle McAusland announced today that he & Rangers were parting ways in another startling example of the club’s poor management.  The team has been constructed in such a way that the repeated mediocrity of Richard Foster gets the nod over the development of the 22 year old McAusland.

While McAusland is not a world beater, his struggles with Ayr United last season are detailed here, it can be easily argued that the club never gave McAusland the opportunity to succeed while at Ibrox.

Last season, when McAusland asked Ally McCoist what he had to do to earn first team minutes, he was told go elsewhere for those minutes.

When McAusland did play last season with Rangers, albeit the small sample size of four matches, he never looked out of his elements.

When McCoist experimented with a 3-5-2 formation this past summer, McAusland was not part of the squad.

Kyle McAusland, courtesy of Brian Stewart

McAusland has spent most of this season on loan with Brechin City where he played predominantly in the midfield – another sign of the versatility of McAusland, who can also play center back.  He made eight appearances in League One for Brechin & scored two goals.

If this is a cost-cutting measure – can I add a few more names to the list?


17 thoughts on “Rangers part ways with yet another youngster

  1. Sad to see Kyle McAusland become another victim of the mis-management of both the Boardroom AND the Coaching Staff of our club.All the best, Kyle…like so many others, you gave so much and were shown so little respect and faith.


    1. Having just read in the daily record this morning that hearts have kids in their early twenties and younger knocking up 30 40 50 games we as supporters of rangers can see that it is not only in the boardroom there is mis management but with coaching staff also so another young lad is leaving without getting a chance to show what he can do so they stick with overpaid under achievers that I watch every week come gers give youth a chance


  2. Absolute disgrace , was never given a chance .Thought he had potential at right back but was left out for Foster and Faure , unbelievable .Good Luck Kyle and on behalf of the Rangers support I apologise for the behaviour of our management team to you. Go prove them wrong son !


  3. Ally and staff are to blame more than even the board Ally said before leaving our young players were not good enough to play in the 3rd div. well who made them that bad because most had promise before Ally and staff got to train them .


  4. Sad to see the boy go but to be honest never seen enough of him to form an opinion, what I do know is we do have an excellent right back in Ryan cinnamon who is just as good at left back but we will probably get rid of him also


  5. Absolute disgrace the lad looked a much better player than the comedy act of Foster and Faure another example of the total incompetence of McCoist and his so called coaches McDowall and Durrant at least there is one good coach at Brechin that recognises Kyles potential and wanted to take him back on loan Good luck young man at least you know that your career will develop much better away from the old age pensioners and non tryers who are in the Rangers first team or should I say Rangers pals team

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  6. liquidate and rebuild is only answer to rid club of so called Rangers men and Onerous contracts and accept american offer from a Banker with cash up front to make a success of his investment.Is the only option ,but because of inbuilt hatreds it wont happen.A sorry mess


  7. I have to say, Rangers have become a laughing stock. All credibility has been lost and it has become a soap opera. Bad news after bad new for Rangers and no light at the end of the tunnel. No chance of winning the league out right and looking like damage limitation on the 1st of Feb. Lots of debt that can’t be paid back and no money to buy players. The onerous contracts draining life from the club means liquidation is the only way out to start again.


  8. Although we all know the club is in a mess , I cannot believe Rangers supporters (if they are Rangers supporters ) who come on here and go on about liquidate and start again.The club would not survive another event like that and it is even doubtful given the hatred that exists in Scottish football , whether we would be allowed into the league , given that we have been given a chance , once , and cocked it up.If we can get rid of the leaches at board level and get a look at the contracts and conditions that are dragging us down , then we can start to fight some of them from inside.Although we have an expensive squad of players the wages only account for 33% of turnover …..so where does the rest of the money go ? Hibs announced losses today and I think they stated that their players wages bill had gone up to 69% so it shows that we are not over spent , but we have not go value for money .We need a new board , to appoint new management who can use these wages on new players who will give value for money .The opportunity is there in the summer when a lot of the current squads contracts are up , they should be released and a better balanced squad assembled incorporating some of our own youngsters.


  9. The Board my be a [problem but the fiasco that the playing side of the club is down to the three stooges Mo (McCoist) Larry (Durrant) & Curly Joe (MacDowall). The 3rd. Division was won with around games left to play, Charlie Telfer asked when he would get a chance, he got one half of a game. Would not be right to let these young guys be in the team & deny the pals of the three stooges their win bonus’s. It was their doing, why could they not have had an open day at Murray Park, bring your boots & who knows their might have been 5 or 6 players who would been good enough for the 3rd. & 2nd. Divisions. Along with the young players & the players left from the admin. a good enough team could have been put together for the way ahead & give Rangers something to build on. The reason this did not happen is that the three stooges could not tell a football player if he crapped on their dinning table. To say our young players are not good enough for the 3rd. Division is truth enough about McCoist. Rant over

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    1. Proof that mcoist and his staff can’t spot talent when two young players that played against rangers for Queen’s Park sign for Dundee Utd and are then sold on for millions of pounds to English clubs maybe ally thought they were not up to the standard of mcgregor foster black and so on if he gets another job as manager it will be at McDonald’s


      1. McGregor ??? he has been a good signing ,is relatively young and is probably not on massive wages .I agree with the comments about the youngsters at Q.P but to criticise McGregor when he is the only decent centre back on the books is out of order.


  10. The writing was on the wall for McCoist over 3 years ago, unfortunately the clowns that STILL attend in the Broomloan Front waving their flags and singing “SuperAlly” kept the disgraceful regime in place….McCoist is as guilty of mismanagement as the shower of shite that sat – and continue to sit – on the board, except his mismanagement was on the field. All the Bears out there that say I support the team, not the board, and continued to buy season tickets should hold their heads in shame also. How anybody could renew at the start of this season is mind boggling given what has been happening both on and off the field.
    We Were The People


    1. I don`t think we would need tens of millions .Have you seen any of Premiership football ? We need a decent coach , a plan , and someone who can spot and develop talent so that we are spending the money that we do have …wisely.


  11. When “the people ” realise that the situation that the club is in was caused by the enemies from within ( owners, directors, managers etc ) then they can unite to get rid of the leeches and strippers currently ” running ” it instead of fighting each other.


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