The Mushroom Factor at Ibrox

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written by – The Old Boy

The beginning of the end looks to be upon us as far as ownership of Rangers is concerned.  Now that Robert Sarver has been shown the door by the current board on the basis that after canvassing some shareholders he would not have the necessary 75% backing.  One of the major questions for fans must be who has blocked Sarver’s bid?

Which shareholders were consulted and who would not support Sarver’s bid for control given that Rangers need short term loans on a monthly basis just to survive. When someone with the financial clout and experience of running successful sports entities comes knocking on the door of cash strapped company like Rangers and offers a fair price for control and then he states he will provide a further £6.5 million in working capital – why would you not take up this offer?

Robert Sarver, courtesy of Barry Gossage (Getty Images)

I am beginning to think the Directors have discovered a diamond mine deep under Ibrox and are not telling anyone or else the interests of the club are subservient to the egos that surround both the boardroom and major shareholders.

If we look at the current financial state after Robert Sarver’s departure we have Mike Ashley who still seems to want control of Rangers despite the SFA ruling against further increasing his  shareholding.  Nobody knows what his game plan is and I suspect that is the way it will stay. His way of doing business is to do everything behind closed doors. Whilst it came as no surprise when his two place men were given senior positions on the board. Nobody other than himself and his close business associates know and understand what his position is.

Then we have the Three Bears with a significant stake in the club.  What was their position on the Sarver bid?  What is the level of finance in terms of investing both on the playing side and the infrastructure of Ibrox?  Again there is a total lack of information as to their intentions.

The same applies to Dave King, another significant shareholder who has not put any plan forward in the public domain either in how much working capital he would invest into the club should he become King of Ibrox.

I have a simple message for all those interested parties in taking control at Rangers and it is to start talking to us the fans, those that go week in week out, who put our hard earned money in supporting the team buying merchandising, etc.

Start outlining a future vision for the club.

I have no doubt there will be a new composition in the ownership of Rangers shortly and the familiar cry from those in charge whether they are “Rangers Men” or not will be give us your money for season tickets etc.

We know given the payoffs whether to board members or Ally McCoist what is in it for them. It’s time to come clean and tell us the long suffering fans what we can expect for our money.

The Old Boy has been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years.

6 thoughts on “The Mushroom Factor at Ibrox

  1. Old Boy, I am afraid we still find ourselves in this mess because of fans like you…i to have been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years, and I am only in my early forties but I could not renew last season due to the mismanagement from the top. Your comment about turning up week in week out and purchasing merchandise is the head in the sand mentality that keeps these cretins in charge. We must starve them out. The selling of Lewis MacLeod must set alarm bells ringing even in your ears, although they are well and truly “under the sand”. The loaning of money from Ashley, the utter contempt the shareholders received from Somers at the recent AGM, the legend that are John Greig, Walter Smith etc vowing not to go back to their club, the club they love so much and served superbly, until these bastards are removed…please wake up to what is happening old boy.

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    1. Billy
      Your reply to Old Boy highlights a major problem now facing our club, one I am not sure we will ever recover from. “If you don’t agree with me you are against me”. I, like many thousands of other Rangers supporters renewed my season ticket. More renewed than didn’t but clearly we are just deluded fools and you know better. Just because we support the team doesn’t mean we support the board but if we hadn’t stood firm there would be no Rangers to even get on your high horse about. You’re boycott has failed even the Blue Order and Union Bears admit this, in fact all you have done by ‘starving’ them out is open the door to the Mike Ashleys of this world. I am a Rangers supporter, I dont agree with everything other Rangers supporters do or think but I respect their right to do it.


  2. Don’t you realise Billy that those who renewed their season tickets did so knowing the money would go to the board?? Are you honestly telling me you are happy to sit on your seat inside Ibrox knowing that all the fans hard earned money over the past 3 years has been filtered to pay these clowns and their associates?? Don’t you realise that by continuing to attend matches you are simply putting more money into their trough?? I agree it’s time for unity but only when you open your eyes and see what they are doing to our club. I hope by your comments you are not implying that by you renewing, your support of our club is stronger than mine? I can assure you, it is breaking both the hearts of me and my son by not attending, he’s 12 years old and has had a season ticket from the day he was born! I speak on behalf of no fans group…I speak on behalf of myself. Glasgow Rangers are a major part of my life, but as Bomber Brown said, we will not get our club back – and that includes possibly NO TEAM, NO GLASGOW RANGERS because they will run us into the ground without losing a wink of sleep – until this cancer is removed. We will not have a club if this regime continue to ignore funding offers to keep themselves on the board. By renewing season tickets, you are accepting their running of the club.

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