Former Rangers captain begins career in coaching

Carlos Bocanegra

When Carlos Bocanegra ended up captaining Rangers by the end of his first season with the club, it was clear to supporters that they had inherited a player with uniquely strong leadership qualities.  Sometimes it is evident that certain players may be destined to stay in the game through coaching once they retire & clearly Bocanegra was one of those players.

When Los Angeles Galaxy insider Adam Serrano posted a short clip of the United States team training on Tuesday, there was a familiar face leading the charge.

Serrano then confirmed that the former Fulham captain has joined Jurgen Klinsmann’s coaching staff for the United States current training camp, comprised of locally based players.  He & Spurs goalkeeper Brad Friedel were added to the staff of current coaches, which also included former Rangers keeper Chris Woods.

Bocanegra, who spent the last couple of seasons with the now defunct Chivas USA,  retired at the end of the MLS season after being sidelined since July with a concussion.  It appears that he is still struggling with symptoms of the head injury.  Los Angeles forward Rob Friend also retired due to the lingering effects of a concussions & told Scott French of LA Soccer News – that he & Bocanegra were working together to cope with their injuries.

Friend said, “We have the same symptoms. Carlos is still struggling.”

“It’s been nice to throw ideas at each other, what’s working and what’s not, but it’s nice to go through it with someone, because at times I don’t understand what’s going on. I just don’t get it. It’s not normal.”

Sadly, Bocanegra could not quit his playing career on his own terms but he will hopefully have the chance to hone his leadership qualities in a long career in coaching.

You can read a synopsis of Bocanegra’s last season with Chivas written by Alicia Rodriguez over at The Goat Parade.



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