Rangers Contracts: What would you do?

Dean Shiels & David Templeton, courtesy of SNS

One of the new features on the site is to house the contract information for the Rangers squad so readers can access it at any time.  The page will be permanently housed among the pages above.

For now — looking at the contracts below  — what do you think the lineup looks like in 2015-16?

Players are listed along with when their contracts are set to expire.

Steve Simonsen 2015
Steven Smith 2015
Sebastien Faure 2015
Lee McCulloch 2015
Richard Foster 2015
Luca Gasparotto 2015
Ian Black 2015
Kyle Hutton 2015
Jon Daly 2015
Kenny Miller 2015
Kris Boyd 2015
Bilel Mohsni 2016
Marius Zaliukas 2016
Darren McGregor 2016
Nicky Law 2016
David Templeton 2016
Dean Shiels 2016
Nicky Clark 2016
Calum Gallagher 2016
Cammy Bell 2017
Lee Wallace 2017
Barrie McKay 2017
Arnold Peralta 2017
Robbie Crawford 2017
Fraser Aird 2018

10 thoughts on “Rangers Contracts: What would you do?

  1. Build a team round Bell, McGregor, Gasparotto, Wallace, Clark, Gallacher, Aird possibly McKay and Hutton if he continues to perform. Bring Kelly in as No2 to Bell. Thank the rest for getting us back to the premier division and release them and, as most of them are high earners, use money saved to bring in new blood of Rangers’ class.


  2. Only one of the 2015 I would keep is Gasparotto . But given the Management letting him finish the season at Airdrie I suspect they don’t want him. So I would suspect very few of the 2015 will be kept


  3. All I can say is bring through our youth players and keep McGregor,Wallace,Zaliukas,Templeton,Clark,Gallagher,McKay and get rid of the rest and rebuild for the future


  4. Nick Law, David Templeton and Barry McKay would all perform much better under a proper management team and more importantly, if played in their correct positions! I genuinely believe Law could be an exceptional player for us if Ian “bawbag” Black wasn’t given the devine right, firstly to be selected to play and secondly, wherever he wants to play! McCoist – oops – McDowell (both the one and the same) would play him in goal if he wanted!
    Right good clear out needed….starting with Jon Daly…what a player that is!


  5. I would let every one of the 2015s run out spairing luca, seb, kenny & kris, sure boyd &miller havent performed but thats due to a stale squad and managment team, seb and luca need chances


  6. I would build team around Bell , McGregor , Wallace ,Law ,Templeton ,Clark +youngsters Gasparotto ,Aird, McKay and Gallagher and there are probably one or two others who deserve a chance.The rest have proved to be very poor value for money (Black ,Shiels, Boyd,Foster ,Smith, Zaliukas ) over the hill (Simonsen, Miller , Daly, McCulloch) or just crap (Faure , Mohsni , Peralta ).
    With a decent manager the money saved in releasing these highly paid non achievers could be reinvested in younger players with potential to get better.


  7. I would let every player whose contract expires this summer leave except for Gasparotto, who everyone can see is a young guy with talent and potential (everyone except the current coaching staff but hopefully they will be gone before the summer as well).


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