Rangers now need to find a caretaker, for the caretaker

Kenny McDowall

It was apparent from the outset that Rangers caretaker manager Kenny McDowall never seemed comfortable taking over the helm of the club after Ally McCoist resigned.  Coupled with Ian Durrant being suspended soon after McCoist’s departure & the situation at Ibrox screamed – awkward.

Now McDowall has resigned from the club, citing ‘personal reasons.’

It is difficult to find many supporters who were impressed with McDowall’s ‘more-of-the-same’ approach, but it is another blow for a once-proud club that has now spiralled into pure calamity.

Like McCoist before him, McDowall put in his twelve-month notice to leave his position.  Only at Rangers can a manager quit, but keep working for the foreseeable future.


8 thoughts on “Rangers now need to find a caretaker, for the caretaker

  1. rumours are rife here in larkhall that mike asley and
    sir alex ferguson were seen together at lunch today.
    all I know at this time is sir alex was having fillet steak and veg.
    Ashley was having 4 pies and two portions of chips.
    if I here anything else will let you know.


  2. The club statement says he will serve his 12 month notice period so presumably he stays in charge…………… However, will they be happy to have someone at the helm who has ‘chucked it’ (like McCoist) or will they put him on gardening leave like Ally? What effect will this have on the players (many of whom look as if they have chucked it too……!!) Has Llambias told the Caretaker that more players will be sold and Kenny thought, that’s it I’m outa here?


  3. aye,i feel sorry for ally and Kenny cause its no the weather for
    working outside in the garden.
    I here that sports direct are looking for staff.


  4. oops,its managers sports direct are looking for.
    that’s ally and Kenny out the running,
    I wonder if that’s how Ashley had meeting with sir alex.


  5. Well said Billy Boyce, they were never up for the job & should have never been there. Just shows what Smith knows about picking people with management skills


  6. It seems as if its business as usual , so why did McCoist get bumped onto gardening leave and yet McDowell carries on as manager .Bizarre !! Do you think maybe they will both be back in their normal roles if the current board get ousted???


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