Fernando Ricksen: “I really hope to see Ally on Sunday at Ibrox”

Fernando Ricksen

Fernando Ricksen has released a statement, via his blog, in response to David McCarthy’s report in The Daily Record that former Rangers manager Ally McCoist was being barred from playing in Ricksen’s tribute match on Sunday.  McCarthy suggests, that per his gardening leave agreement, that McCoist was forbidden from going anywhere near Ibrox Stadium & Sunday’s match would not be an exception.

This is Fernando Ricksen’s response to the report:

I want to react on yesterdays article in the Daily Record about Ally McCoist being banned from the Tribute Game on Sunday the 25th of January.  Neither Rangers nor me have banned Ally McCoist from the game.

I was shocked to read it in the papers just like everybody else.  Ally McCoist is a great man who has my greatest respect.

He is a Rangers legend and all-Time goal scorer.  He has done amazing things for the club as a player and coach.

If there are problems between Rangers and Ally McCoist then it’s between them.

This should be settled between them and not the papers.  Neither should the Tribute Game or me be dragged into this.

The game on Sunday should be a great positive day.  A day that will show what it means to be part of ‘The Rangers Family’.  A family that helps each other in difficult times.

I really hope to see Ally McCoist on Sunday at Ibrox.  I hope he will come.

The tribute match will take place on Sunday & there are still tickets available.  Given the recent drastic dip in attendance, fans can send a real message of unity & support for a Rangers legend whose brave, public struggle with ALS has been an inspiration.


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