Is Nicky Clark the next to go?

Nicky Clark, courtesy of SNS

Scott Burns of The Daily Express is reporting that Rangers forward Nicky Clark may be the next player to leave the club.  Supposedly, Notts County have made inquiries to secure Clark on a loan deal for the rest of the season.   The English League One side is currently scrapping for a play-off spot.

After a strong start to the season, Clark has been brushed aside for the likes of Kenny Miller & Jon Daly.  Ironically enough, besides Nicky Law, no other Rangers player has scored more league goals this season.  Of course, the tally is only four – but Miller has the same amount of goals in roughly 400 more minutes, while Kris Boyd has a putrid total of two goals in 1200+ minutes.  You could also argue that even though Boyd wasn’t scoring, his play was much more effective when he played alongside Clark & has been quite poor while playing with Miller.

Regardless, Clark has fallen out of favor with Rangers management & has only made two starts in the past 13 matches.  The 23-year old may be faced with a scenario in which he just may have to leave to see regular first team play.

Another curious tidbit from Burns’ report was that Hibs actually put in a bid to sign Clark last week but were turned down by Rangers.  Good thing too because his quickness & work rate would fit right into Alan Stubb’s vision for the team.


6 thoughts on “Is Nicky Clark the next to go?

  1. Clark this season has been our best striker and despite being limited to appearances he has improved since last season. he offers so much upfront in terms of pace and chasing down lost causes and he is a natural finisher. he must be kept and given a starting role in the Rangers team. Its common knowledge in my opinion Miller has been awful this season and Boyd despite trying hard and putting in the graft has struggled due to a lack of service and Daly is only a viable option with a long ball. it all suggests to me Clark must be a starter in the Rangers team. As I said Miller looks finished sadly, Boyd has no service and Daly can only head a ball. Clark should be our Number one Striker.

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  2. Agree that Clark should stay and possibly replace Miller in team , he is the future not the past .Can`t agree that Boyd is trying hard and putting in the graft .For the last few months he has not been trying a leg and does not react unless the ball comes straight to him .If he was really interested he would get himself into shape , lose at least a stone and sharpen himself up .Miller may well be done , but ,although he is playing badly , he at least is running about for the team .It is obvious Boyd has returned to Ibrox for the money and has settled for doing as little as possible to earn it .


  3. What was it with the idiots who managed Rangers, managers in all leagues can see the talent in our young players, but because you are not one of Ally’s pals & laughed at the shit he called humour you were not quoted


    1. Ronnie thats horseshit ! IF you are abluenose at all you know freek all about football !.the “kids ” are woeful , they would barely get a game for us never mind Rangers . In case you never Noticed they got well and truly bumped by them not long ago , they are not playing because they ( other than wee Mac ) are not good enough EOFS .


  4. Jako ,
    The kids that got bumped by them , not that long ago did not include the guys who were out on loan and as a result was a very young and inexperienced side most of whom are not close to being called up to the first team.What we are talking about here are guys like McKay , Gallagher and Gasparotto who have shown some promise in the first team already but have been shunted out on loan and cannot get a chance to show what they can do .They may not be good enough , but how will we ever find out, if they don`t get a game .Its not as if the guys in the team are playing brilliantly is it ?


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