A campaign to put Rangers First & become a Club 1872 member

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We are looking to give readers an opportunity to make a one-time donation to help establish the Rangers Report community as a Club 1872 member.

The goal of Club 1872 is to get 1,872 members to make a single donation of £500.  If Rangers First can meet this goal then they can go ahead & acquire a 5% shareholding in Rangers Football Club.  This would go a long way towards getting towards the goal of greater fan representation & ultimately, fan ownership of the club.

Obviously, a one-time donation of £500 isn’t feasible for most of us, so here is a chance to chip in what you can & we will hopefully reach our goal.

How it works: 

  1. Go to our fundraising site – HERE
  2. Click ‘DONATE NOW’.
  3. For most of you, make sure you indicate that you are ‘Not in the US’ (located on left side).
  4. Then donate however much money that you can.  The goal is £500, which translates to $756.
  5. Please share on Facebook & Twitter to help get the word out.

Credit goes to Rangers Report contributor John McIntosh for the idea.  He has been a real force in getting word out about Rangers First.

So,  please don’t pass on an opportunity to make that one-time donation to help get Rangers back into the hands of the supporters.  I have made my own donation of $50.  Even if you can only chip in a few pounds/dollars – it will make a difference.


If we exceed £500, we will work with Rangers First to make sure the money gets to them.  If, for whatever reason, we fail to get to the £500 mark in two months – we will reach out to former players to get the difference covered.



4 thoughts on “A campaign to put Rangers First & become a Club 1872 member

  1. Really like the sentiment but ownership is an impossible dream for fans because its either going to be a cockney Barrow boy or the South African tax evader who will own Rangers. So we are in between a rock and a hard place.


    1. That’s the feeling that gets us nowhere. Fan ownership is coming already fans groups like rangersfirst own approx 2.5% and membership numbers are increasing at a huge rate and are constantly in the news at the moment. Have a look for yourself http://www.rangersfirst.org see what we are about


  2. Many ex Rangers players are coming back to play in Fernando Ricksen’s fame at the weekend, with the proceeds going to very worthy causes. Some of these players (who were already on very handsome salaries) were the recipients of very generous ‘loans’ through the EBT scheme and one wonders if they have contributed, or would consider contributing to the fans’ fundraising initiatives?


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