Rangers First? RST? I went for both…

courtesy of SNS

Written by – BMC Rangers Rants

Those of you who follow my tweets and previous blogs will know my thoughts on fan ownership and Rangers Football Club.

I have never championed it personally. I have never had a desire to have a fan in the boardroom.

That’s the honest truth.

All I have ever wanted, and will continue to want, is the right people running Rangers. Whether they are ‘Rangers men’ or not.

This prerequisite from certain parties that the people that look after our club should be Rangers men and that’s it is flawed.

Would it help?  Yes, most certainly.  Is it necessary? Most certainly not.

Ally McCoist & Craig Mather, courtesy of WIllie Vass

What we have missed at Rangers in most positions in recent times is the actual ability to carry out their job description to a high standard. That goes for on and off the pitch. That’s what needs to happen.

So as each week passes I have continually sat and thought, as I have all along, that I want Dave King to have control of Rangers.  Not just because he is a Rangers man (see earlier point) but because he has financial strength to assist us. And make no mistake. We need that.

The stadium is dated. The squad is awful. The management infrastructure is a mess.

The club is about ten years behind where it actually needs to be. All this despite a £75 million burn as we have went through the lower echelons of Scottish football. What foundations have been laid? Well, none actually.

The only real foundation was just sold for £900,000 to Brentford. So investment is needed – a lot of it.

It also must be an emotional investment (I guess the Rangers man part helps here) where the money given to the club, not loaned, is not given in expectancy of a return.

So, I thought as soon as Dave King comes in and issues further shares to help subsidise the club in addition to his own investment that I could buy shares – nothing mad but a tidy four figure sum anyway.

It was last week on reflection that I realised that my idea was somewhat flawed.

This is because as things stand there is actually no guarantee I will actually get my money to Mr King and the good guys to help my club. Because as it stands a certain Mike Ashley is trying to loan Rangers so much money with so much security on club assets it may make it impossible for me to get my money to the right people to save our club.

Mike Ashley, courtesy of Reuters

Then there was the  news last week of another incoming loan from Ashley that will be in excess of £10 million, despite other fans offering far better alternatives.  It was then that I realised enough was enough.

If I want to help my club just now – if you want to help your club just now – there is only one real way we can do it. For me that is via Rangers First & Rangers Supporters Trust through their share buying schemes.

I have previously had run-ins with certain folk from the RST.  A guy from the Rangers First told fellow fans on Twitter that I was irrelevant and ‘best ignored’.

Whilst this isn’t the best recruitment chat I’ve heard, this is all a lot bigger than petty differences between some individuals who may not get along. This is about the future of the club we all love.

If a guy doesn’t like me? Then fine. But that won’t stop me trying to do my bit to save my club.  Because that is what is most important.

courtesy of Jeff J Mitchell (Getty Images)

I took a Lifetime Membership with Rangers First which was £500 and shortly after that I committed the same sum to the Rangers Supporters Trust. So thats me in for £1,000 initially.

I will probably contribute more when the dust (hopefully) settles from the EGM.  We will then have the right people in charge and I can also buy shares direct. Then we can look to a future for Rangers as it should be.

I am now more keen for the fans of Rangers to have more of a say in the running of the club and whilst I see no real requirement for board representation for the fans – mind you I might get fitted for a blazer just in case –  I think its great that we, the fans, can get more involved with something we love.

And thats what I’ve done and I must admit it feels great to have done my little bit to help our great football club.

I have no doubt that Rangers Football Club will be great again & when it is – let’s hope we can all say that we did our bit.

So you choose.

Rangers First or Rangers Supporters Trust?

Or like me…go for both.

Let’s get our Club back.



You can read BMC Rangers Rants’ previous work at his blog of the same name & follow him on Twitter @BMCRangersRants.


2 thoughts on “Rangers First? RST? I went for both…

  1. Admire the sentiments but Ashley and his associates are playing a very smart game. The new loan is from Sports Direct and within that is repayment of Ashley’s original loan. Therefore he can claim no direct ownership of Rangers as the loan is now from a public limited company Sports Direct who now own other than gate money the main revenue stream into Rangers. He wins either way if Dave King is successful he will sell his stake whilst Sports Direct will have control over all merchandising of which any new owner is going to in addition to providing funds to sort the playing side out, will then have to find many millions of pounds to buy back loans and try and retrieve merchandising rights


  2. I suspect that the Belfast and Glasgow Airport stores were only opened in order to shut so they could prevent the dividend from being paid to the club,onerous leases indeed,enough is enough


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