Rangers supporters group throws support behind Rangers First

The Blue Order supporters groups announced that they have raised funds to become Club 1872 members for Rangers First.  The Club 1872 membership has been set up to gain enough support to secure 5% shareholding in Rangers.

Rangers Report has set up a similar campaign.  This allows readers to donate any amount as a one time payment in order to help support Rangers First.

Here is the statement released by The Blue Order:

The Blue Order are pleased to confirm that the group has made a £500 contribution to both RST BuyRangers and Rangers First, to include life membership of both schemes.

This outlay represents a very significant amount of our group funds but we felt that it was crucial that we played our part in committing to the current collective effort of the Rangers support to attain as many shares as possible ahead of the upcoming EGM. Within TBO, there is a strong appetite for significant and meaningful fan ownership and we wish to urge all our fellow fans to pursue this aspiration as much as possible. The journey to Fan Ownership will be a long and testing one, but the momentum currently carrying all fan share investment schemes is very encouraging to say the least and within our fanbase, is certainly unprecedented.

TBO would like to think that the days of the Rangers support sitting idly by, whilst various self-serving custodians take advantage of the club are over. Rangers Football Club should be managed for the benefit of Rangers and the fans, not for anyone else. Given recent events and the latest disgraceful decision to hand more assets and revenue streams to asset strippers, we all know how difficult this will be, but we must campaign and organise for the fight and hope that a successful conclusion to the EGM issue will not be the end but instead will be a catalyst for real change toward significant fan ownership.

Ahead of the League Cup Semi Final v Them, TBO had discussed putting funds toward a display as we have done previously at Hampden. Current group issues and logistics meant that this would be difficult to produce, to live up to the standards of previous efforts by ourselves and others. There was already talk of buying shares and we believe that our funds are better to be used at this current time on fan share schemes than a one-off display. Considering this, TBO would encourage all fans going to the game at Hampden to bring a flag or banner. A sea of red, white and blue in the Rangers end can look as good as any organised display.

We ask those who have not already joined Buy Rangers or Rangers First to do so immediately, get yourself involved and ask your friends and family members too. This is something that all Rangers fans can be part of, from as little as £5 per month. This is not about TBO or any other group. This is about our Rangers which belongs to us all. This is about a collective effort that can make a difference if we all want it to.


8 thoughts on “Rangers supporters group throws support behind Rangers First

  1. All the “Regiments” are coming together to the fight….we are taking Rangers out of our enemies’ hands.Well done TBO and all the fans’ regiments….WE’RE COMIN…WE’RE COMIN!!!!!


  2. I last posted the day it was announced that Sandy Easdale had purchased another £1m+ worth of shares. Even allowing for this, one must assume that King would be confident of mustering enough shareholders voting to reach the 51% required and oust the Board. Assuming this takes place, what happens next……….? Where will the tens of millions of pounds required come from? Other than season book sales, Rangers have virtually no income. 75% of shareholders votes are required for a new share issue (as far as I know) but one assumes Easdale and Co will put the dampers on that one. With Ashley being in such a powerful position now, he basically has Rangers by the short and curlies, he will call the shots. Even if he is repaid the millions owed to him, he would still have a stranglehold on all the merchandising rights. The other dimension here is, Dave King is despised by the current Board, following his boycott call etc, what else might they do to try to thwart King ? Finally, how will Rangers raise the kind of money required………..?


    1. we know his deals are not air tight because of the leaked sommers emails, if the wet fish himself threatened to rip up the contracts they can’t be as protected as people are led to think, even keiron prior said we should rip them up and see them in court, and as for the money side of things king would be able to give us loans, not to be repaid in cash, just shares when they become available, i feel that if we get this board out there wouldn’t be a shortage of people wanting to invest, people are only put off just now because the money going in disappears just as fast as it appeared, people want to see something positive from their well earned money, instead of it paying a bill


    2. Easdale bought his share from someone he already held proxies for so his personal % did increase but his voting power stayed the same


    3. Comments from planet reality, you look at the situation we are in and the big picture Andy. Thank goodness you look at this situation as I do objectively…… Middle to long term ….where is the money coming from? ? Not from those that instigated the creation of mayhem and boycotts which in turn harms deeply our great club.


  3. spot on super ally. plenty will help out with money.
    maybe the American guy will do it.
    lets hope we get by the egm with successful change.


  4. Once we get the club back , a decent board can get a look at these contracts and see if they can be binned .If not then then the support will play a big part in just refusing to buy any of the official merchandise until these contracts become worthless and Fat Mike has to renegotiate them.As the RST have shown we can still have our own merchandise with profits going to the club.These kind of things become possible if the support stay united behind the new board.


  5. The fat controller will have covered every angle it’s the way he is Billionaires have very good people working for them they cover things we just don’t see William renegotiate with the controller is impossible as he just moves goal post to what he wants I really hope that I am wrong and you win your battles with him because if he looks like loosing he seems to be a business man who will take the huff and try to ruin you


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