“All eyes on us!! All eyes on us!!”

Mike Ashley, courtesy of Robin Jones (Digital South)

written by – William Douglas

In the words of the song, it’s “all eyes on us” as Rangers battle to get free from the clutches of a financial charlatan, namely, Mike Ashley and the Sports Direct gang.

As we “scream and shout” for help, is anyone listening?

Fortunately, the Rangers support are not standing by and watching…they have uncovered extensive details showing an interwoven scheme, developed over years unhindered by the authorities at all levels – be they football, sports or financial  authorities.  Yet the participants in this “financial fleecing” go on attacking their victims while trying to close the door to anyone trying to expose them.

ALL EYES ON US……because, like it or not, what happens to Rangers, if not resolved, is coming YOUR WAY.


You see, wherever there is an innocent sporting interest, there is the purchasing of the paraphernalia that goes with it.  The shirts..the golf shoes..the rugby kit…tennis gear…..

These provide the cash stream that Mike Ashley’s  gang voraciously swallow up.

Having laid the basis for this in buying out many well-known sportswear brands, he MUST have the “captive market” to continue his financial empire building,…..and so….YOUR SPORT is in his sights.

You may think this is just legitimate “business”….IT IS NOT!

In order to keep the revenue stream running in HIS direction, his next move is to MONOPOLISE EVERYTHING associated with your sport, just as he is trying to do with RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB, and has already done with NEWCASTLE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB, and, in so doin , will forever “capture” your club, denying it any income of its own to sustain growth or sporting enterprise.

This is undeniable and serves a warning to all who value the integrity and freedom of sport to express itself and not be held captive by business moguls with no morality, available to be passed on like a financial play toy to the next bidder for the benefit of the likes of this man and his gang.

ALL EYES ON US….take a look at these realities and lobby your sports association, the Scottish Minister for Sport, the Stock Market regulators and your M.P.’s, because before long, if we don’t wake up to this, it will be the most horrendous task to recover what we value.

If you feel you wish more evidence of Mr. Ashley’s “business” intentions, contact the author or go to the Ranger’s Union of Fans and/or the Sons of Struth Facebook sites.


You can follow William Douglas on Twitter @williamdouglas5

3 thoughts on ““All eyes on us!! All eyes on us!!”

  1. Many fans share your views however business logic dictates that any business must have a customer base willing to buy into the product and here is my concerns. Ashley, Dave King and the Three Bears have not shared with us the fans any vision for the future and what sort of investment they are prepared to put into the playing side. Once I know this information I will decide on whp I will cast as Hero or Villain until then I think we should keep our powder dry.


  2. I did not prepare this article lightly…whether King and the “3 bears” are any more the “villain” is irrelevant to the point I am making here…which is, that there is NO DUBIETY whatsoever that Ashley and his allies ARE VILLAINS and their record in business to date, more of which is being exposed by the day.
    As such , they represent a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to Rangers RIGHT NOW and a serious and identifiable threat to the Sporting World in general…..hence my warning tone.
    To identify this as a “Rangers ONLY” problem is now, in the light of evidence, narrow-minded and short-sighted.
    Solve the problem over our team using the whole range of measures available to us and we begin to bring some security to all other clubs,(and please don’t tell me that’s none of our concern…it very much is ours and theirs),and to the Sporting World as a whole.
    No more “blind eye” approach to this guy and his kind!

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    1. Whilst I admire your passion I think you over dramatise the Ashley threat as you put it because nobody knows either his or any of the others vying for control of Rangers plans. I don’t care who owns Rangers as long as they have the money to invest heavily on the playing side.The rest is just a side show for those that think they are semi literate in the running of finance within the corporate sector. Everybody has an opinion but nobody can say with any accuracy what the outcome will be so as I say lets see what enfolds as the end game nears in regards to control of Rangers then either vote with our feet if we don’t like it or embrace what emerges.


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