Celtic fans open to ridicule over Rangers ‘Old Firm’ claims

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written by – Rob Atkinson, reposted with permission.  Originally published by Life, Leeds United, the Universe, & Everything

At Leeds United, we’re no strangers to the unwelcome feeling and experience of your club in crisis. We’ve seen our beloved Whites pushed to the brink of actual expiry and ejection from the league; we’ve seen administration and League sanctions. Spectacular collapse and the plummet from the heights of the game to the depths of despair was a process raised almost to a perverse art form by United – to the point that it became known as “doing a Leeds”. So we know what crisis, despair and poverty are all about – the only thing that can really surprise a Whites fan these days is to see a club in straits even more dire.

Which brings me on to Glasgow Rangers FC. There is no need for me to re-hash here exactly what has happened to them over the past few years. In short, it was a precipitous fall, and an unprecedented reduction in status. From being permanent members of a top two cartel, Rangers were sent spinning into the gloom and obscurity of Scotland’s lowest major league. The journey back is well under way, but problems beset them still. On Sunday, for the first time since their fall from grace, Rangers face Celtic in the Scottish League Cup semi-final at Hampden Park. The Old Firm rivalry is back, right? Well, not according to the hardly unbiased fans of Celtic FC. Take a moment to look at the rationale espoused by a group of their fans in an advert placed recently.

Now, surely – these Celtic fans cannot be serious? It’s a wind-up, right? Are they quite barking mad, these loose-lipped Bhoys? What are they worried or insecure about, that they should resort to this? The whole “argument” stated above smacks of trying too hard, a mean-spirited attempt to cast back down a club trying to recover from an almost terminal decline. Whatever the rights and wrongs of Rangers’ fall – and without declaring any particular affiliation on either side of the Old Firm divide – this blog has to state in the strongest possible terms that what we have here is a bunch of partisan yet clueless fans talking fluent rubbish.

Whatever arguments you might summon, whatever contortions you might go through, leaning over backwards to show that black is white – surely the one thing any set of football fans must agree on is the major factor in any football club’s identity. It is the fans, it has to be. The fans embody the tradition and continuity of any club. Football shirts might change colour, as with Cardiff. Ground moves are commonplace these days and have never been unknown. Players, directors, managers and staff come and go, without necessarily having any real connection to the clubs they serve for a time.

So what is the one thread that runs right through a club’s very soul and being? It is the fans, the loyal supporters who follow, follow, through thick and thin, passing on the supporting tradition down the generations, wedded to their club in good times and bad. And it is those Rangers fans, the ones who have stuck by the Rangers FC as they sank to the depths and rose again – they embody Glasgow Rangers and in so doing, they give unquestionable continuity to the institution that is Glasgow Rangers FC. They also make a total mockery of this laughable stance from a set of fans who feel just as passionately about their club – and who have thus allowed themselves to go out on a limb, in trying to kick a club when it’s down, succeeding only in making arrant fools of themselves.

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I wouldn’t particularly care, normally, who wins on Sunday at Hampden. I miss the Old Firm games for their passion and spectacle, it’s for those reasons that I always tune in to watch and would one day like to attend one of these occasions. The tradition of atmospheric support from both sets of fans, with tempers frequently running high on the park and referees praying for the final whistle to come with as little as possible actual violence – that’s so much of what football should be about. These are factors which are gradually being marginalised in the modern game as a whole, with increasing gentrification everywhere and a diminution of the raucous passion we of a certain age remember. But all of that is still present at certain fixtures – Leeds against Man U is one, Newcastle versus Sunderland bears a mention – there is el Clásico, of course. But the grand-daddy of them all is the Old Firm game – even if a lot of the cause and reason behind this fact isn’t of a particularly savoury or relevant nature.

So where do these Celtic fans get off, trying to defuse, deflate, diminish all of this? Don’t they realise how much the game north of the border needs its return, and in full rude health at that? For goodness’ sake, Celtic need it. Surely, these pompous, paragraph-quoting fools are kidding. If they’re not, then they deserve the ridicule that should be coming their way. And, for the record, against my normal neutral Old Firm stance – I would say to them “If you really do mean this – then you’re idiots; and I hope you get stuffed out of sight on Sunday”.

You can read more of Rob Atkinson’s coverage of Leeds United at Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything


21 thoughts on “Celtic fans open to ridicule over Rangers ‘Old Firm’ claims

  1. Got it in one. The fans ARE the clubs. Thank you, my friend… and I would defend till the waters run dry, the right of Celtic fans to view their existence in the same terms.Well said.


    1. I beg of anyone to come out with any facts that dispute what was said int the article. I keep hearing the celtic fans need to get a grip but not one person can come out with any legal evidence to refute their claims.


      1. Except Lord Glennie, Lord Nimmo Smith, Charles Flint QC, The Insolvency Practitioners, Companies House, The London Stock Exchange, The SFA, The SPFL, UEFA, ECA, BDO, HMRC, ASA etc. etc,

        Not one person? Yeah Right! In fact everyone who has been involved, in any official capacity has stated the obvious, that Rangers are the same club.
        In fact there has never been a legal challenge by anyone, not one person, not one group of people, not one business, not one football club, and not one footballing authority, at any time, or at any place, to Rangers Football Club or it’s new owners.
        Those are the facts. Only bigoted half-wits, who are too stupid to care that they are making themselves a laughing stock, mouth off with their utter drivel.


    1. AFC Wimbledon is the true Crazygang because the original London fans and older players have bunched together to rebuild it………. Like he said its THE FANS that make it and they are the ones who have to pick up the pieces when their club is miss-managed


  2. Celtic fans call us zombies, pretty ironic considering the vast majority of Celtic fans are catholic and their whole religious belief system revolves around a man that rose from the dead.
    So by the same line of reasoning does that make Jesus a zombie ??


  3. Nothing wrong with the analogy wee man, maybe if you had spent your giro on an education instead of a daft full page advertisement, you’d be able to get your head around it and comprehend the concept of what is being said.
    Unfortunately you lot have never been the sharpest tools in the shed and that’s why you’s continue act like them.


  4. From reading through your post I see you have leanings to the blue side of Glasgow with your terms of loyal and follow follow,so it’s no surprise your attack on a celtic fans statement don’t hide behind your leeds connection.
    The celtic fans statement is aimed at a scottish media not rangers fans whom blatantly have not reported the truth in the rangers demise.
    Scottish football is run by people not fit for purpose.
    Rangers destroyed themselves through greed and non paying of taxes.
    They owe millions of pounds to the HMRC ambulance services etc etc.
    They were not relegated,they were liquidated. They had to apply for membership which the sfa tried to pass through for them to enter at the top tier of scottish football this of course was knocked back,they then tried to come in at the first division and again,due to the chairmen like turnbull Hutton of raith rovers this was out of the question,as those clubs and fans play by the rules and within their means. The sporting integrity of scottish football was saved by those chairmen and those loyal fans you mention who support their team just as much as the rest of us.What did they get in return death threats and threats to burn down their stadiums and homes.
    Rangers have not accepted they are solely to blame for the position they are in now. If they would have and not pretended to be the same club more respect would have came their way. They choose to blame everyone else and with a media favoured to them this was made easy for them.
    I have rangers fans in my family I understand their frustrations but it is not the fault of anyone else, they should have accepted that and moved on like hearts have done. Instead Rangers bought players from the spl,they had the second highest wage bill in scottish football,they have the highest paid manager in scottish football still now on gardening leave on full pay all this in the bottom tier of scottish football.
    They should have went down the hearts road of proper financial governance
    They didn’t because that would not have made money for the shysters like Charles green etc. They weren’t interested in Rangers only in making money.
    They continue to lose money every month and without Mike Ashley paying the monthly bills they would be gone again.
    So if you want to gave a go have a go at David Murray Craig whyte Charles green etc not a statement of truth.


    1. GET IT RIGHT MUPPET< The owners destroyed the CLUB, not the fans…………..it happens time and time again, PORTSMOUTH, LEEDS UNITED…………bad ownership and management destroy clubs and its the fans that are left to pick up the pieces afterwards. Hes right the FANS ARE THE CLUB, whether it be CELTIC or Rangers, If the same thing happened to Celtic I would say the same thing. Football clubs arnt just businesses to be abused they are communitys


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