To be young, ignored & frustrated at Ibrox

Calum Gallagher, courtesy of RFC

written by – John McIntosh

It’s transfer deadline day however there is no hope for a big signing for Rangers in the late hours.  Instead we are reported to be looking at bringing in a handful of Newcastle players on loan – you read that right there is no problems with Mike Ashley dual ownership here…

Some of these players will, if actually played, bring some energy and something different to a side bereft of any confidence and in most cases – footballing ability. However at best this is short-termism of the highest nature.  At worst these loan deals represent money going back to Mike Ashley’s pockets meaning the second lot of £5 million will be needed soon and call me a cynic but I suggest we will “need” the extra £5 million loan around the 27th February when security of Ibrox is allowed again.

Most of us can safely agree that Mike Ashley is only interested in himself and deals that help to promote his Sports Direct brand.  He is a successful businessman, completely ruthless however he is horrible for football clubs and he is on the verge of destroying our club. Ee have to hope that King wins the EGM and we can move forward with men with Rangers interests at heart looking to invest, investment is an alien concept to Ashley and the spivs.

Anyways…back to why these loans are not good for our football club and the horrendous knock on effect this will have.  If as expected between four and six Newcastle players come in on loan tonight then the demoralising effect this will have on our own young players will be disastrous. A few of the under 20s have already voiced their discontent at the lack of opportunities to progress to the first team.

Charlie Telfer, courtesy of Julian Finney (Getty Images)

We have seen this already with the talented Charlie Telfer moving on to Dundee United due to a lack of first team chances and he is flourishing playing for a team that likes to get the ball on the deck and play football the right way – whilst handing opportunities to young players, some of his comments are direct digs at our management team and that will hurt Charlie as he is a massive bluenose and joined us from a very young age.

Not only our youngsters but we have had the chance to sign Danny Wilson, Fraser Fyvie, Scott Allan, Kenny McLean and Andy Robertson all for very little money and have turned them down I find such poor judgement sickening. Renewing Kyle Hutton’s contract, who has showed nothing in his time with us over giving Scott Allan the move he wanted is another example of this.

So picture this- five Newcastle players come in on loan and most of them come in to the first team, okay I don’t want to pre-judge these lads and perhaps a few of them will become good players for us, but how do you think talented young players such as Liam Kelly, Luca Gasparotto, Andy Murdoch, Calum Gallagher, Barrie McKay,Ryan Hardie along with a few more youngsters will feel about this?

So some Newcastle “cast offs” come in and go straight into the first team whilst these lads who are training 100% and in good form showing their talent and potential but are not given a second look whilst our “parent club” shift off their rejects and they slot straight in.

Many people have said that when we were demoted to the Third Division that we should have employed a youth philosophy that would see our youngsters gaining plenty of opportunities to flourish, we blew the perfect chance however promoting young players should not be such a problem as we are finding it.

I will give some examples where we have failed the youngsters, Steve Simonsen’s contract runs out and we let go of Scott Gallacher the logical thing would have been to promote Liam Kelly however we bring back a joke keeper at 35 years of age.   The league is won around February/March time last season &  Charlie Telfer was still deemed “not ready” to play against mechanics and shop workers in a league already won if we didn’t laugh we’d cry.

Luca Gasparotto, courtesy of Robert Danziel

Another is Luca Gasparotto being well down in the pecking order behind such stars as Lee McCulloch, Bilel Mohsni and Marius Zaliukus, or Andy Murdoch not able to get a chance ahead of Kyle Hutton and Ian Black.  Liam Kelly behind Simonsen and Robinson. Our average age is 29, I’m afraid that this whole dad’s army approach is completely wrong.

As the Rangers Report has previously discussed Callum Gallagher has the best goals for game ratio this season whilst at Cowdenbeath, yet since being recalled from loan has not featured for us this beggars belief.  Barrie McKay is enjoying a fantastic spell at Raith Rovers but when the option came to recalling him he was told stay at Raith, Barrie came on twitter very disappointed about this.

It’s not only about this crop of talented youngsters but for future generations we have now got a reputation of a club who doesn’t trust youngsters and why would any parent or agent advise a youngster to join Rangers when he will have to leave to get a chance to further his career.

The fans and the young talent deserve far better from our club.

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16 thoughts on “To be young, ignored & frustrated at Ibrox

  1. Thankfully McDowall will be gone soon and hopefully the new manager will be more interested in giving the young players an opportunity to prove themselves. Sadly, since McCoist took the reigns four years ago our club has been on a massive downer player wise in respect of every conceivable aspect of their development. In the short term I would welcome some decent quality players from Newcastle because other than Wallace and McGregor I have seen nothing other than abject failures in Rangers jerseys this season.


    1. Agreed, i get what the posts saying its in all of our minds but i really struggle to believe its gonna make us any worse, no doubt there will be people thinking they’ve been sent to destroy us, kill it with fire because its an ashley move or there all secret c*ltic fans


    1. If I was you I would change my name, this is all down to McCoist, he would rather play his old pals & give them their win bonus than play a bright young player. Super Ally aye super & killing Rangers future on the playing field. I said from day one that he could not manage the Cornish Pasty Stall in Central Station


  2. This is all very well ! but i guarantee you 90% of our fan base would be up in arms if we had not climbed through the leagues .Like everybody else i would like to see kids playing ( esp now ) but the first thing is that they have to be good enough ? and if its all the same to you i reckon KMcD has forgotten more about picking a player than you or I will ever know .If they are not playing its because he doesnt think they can cut it .


    1. The 3rd. division was won with at least 10 games to play, why did the three stoogies not play the younger player in the remaining games. No McCoists ego took over & he wanted to be the manage who went through the 3rd. Division undefeated, he sure defeated the clubs young players


  3. the last few weeks ive started thinking about the gers that my 8yr old boy will grow up with and it scares the hell out of me.i 1st got into the bears in the early 80s being takin with my da.the team i loved wasnt great(b4 souy}but it still had players i mcmin etc butt i worry my boy is stuck wi this pish and will laugth when i try and take him in the pishin rain,our clubs fucked and i fear the next 5 yrs or so


  4. Rangers will always be listed in the record books as the most successfull team in Scotland. Their history concluded with liquidation and expulsion from the Scottish League. The new team are still trying to find their way with the boardroom antics playing a negative roll. Hopefully there will eventually be a successful outcome and a new era will see the club go forward to create new records in the future. However it is worth examining the reasons for the hostility shown by their peers in Scotish football during their period of difficulty. Their ill advised dedication to the union and the flag burdens them with an English bias and an anti Scottish association. Scottish football has always been dominated by two major teams, one proudly demonstrating there Irish heritage and the other truly Scottish team shunning their heritage in favour of England. As. A Result Celtic enjoy world wide recognition as an Irish and Scottish team with the potential commercial benefits of representing both. If Rangers ambition is to represent England abroad they should be aware that they come after Man. UTD. And City Chelsea Arsenal and about 400 others in the English leagues. The mismanagement of this great club goes back a long way they have been outmanuvered commercialy on a global scale and if there current difficulties can ever be overcome it is to be hoped that there will be a complete overhaul at all levels.


  5. Bill , you are talking a load of absolute crap and I am not talking about the usual boring timmy stuff of history concluded , new team , blah , blah blah ….boring and untrue.I am referring to the nationalist crap that you are spouting .Rangers see themselves as a British club which all the clubs in Scotland are , we play in a Scottish League and fly the flags of Scotland and Britain .In your opinion this is somehow worse than flying the flag of a foreign country (Ireland ) and being actively supportive of a terrorist organisation .If this is the reason our “peers ” are hostile ,god help us all , but in truth its not .These small clubs like Celtic, Aberdeen , Hibs and Dundee Utd have seen this as a great opportunity to get back at a club who have dominated Scottish football and them for over 100 years , an opportunity they have never had before and therefore one they felt they had to take.Rangers do not see themselves as English or representing England and I am sure as many Rangers fans vote SNP as don`t , jeez you`ll be blaming us for not getting independence next.
    This does make a change from the usual mindless rants directed at us , but in future could you avoid hijacking an article about the Rangers youngsters and post this drivel on your own websites.


      1. Celtic.,,,, European Champions= Scotland’s most successful club. Bigger than Ragers up to 2012.
        Now Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts and Hibs are bigger than Sevco.


        1. Charlie Big Nose , not just hating now also making up porkies ……count the trophies ….Celtic are not Scotlands most successful club . As for the other wee teams you mention you only love them as they are there to lie down while you try to win enough titles to catch us up.
          You really are deluded.


      2. Is that The Celtic Football & Athletic Club who became Pacific Shelf then The Celtic Football Club. How can people say that fish is brain food, does not seem to have done you much good.


    1. William I could not agree more with your response to the same old political drivel directed against the club. On the subject of Rangers youngsters it has always been the policy to buy in over giving youth a chance it is purely and simply lazy management. Ally and his cohorts have an awful lot to anser for.


  6. The point of this article is basically young talent coming through from Murray Park is presumably not deemed good enough while other good young players have been ignored, Scott Allan is a good example. Murray Park costs Rangers a huge amount of money and frankly I think it is a complete white elephant.


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