Rangers deadline day deliveries

Shane Ferguson, courtesy of Stu Forster (Getty Images)

written by Robert Gray

On Sunday, our pathetic, gutless players were dismantled by a Celtic team that barely had to get out of first gear. On Monday, the Sports Direct cavalry came in with five Newcastle United loan players. Two defenders, two midfielders and a forward. Our very own Newcastle 5-a-side team. I get the feeling that a lot of Rangers fans will feel uneasy about this. Mike Ashley continues to tighten his grubby hands around our neck and now essentially looks like he’s picking the team.

Is that such a bad thing?

On Twitter yesterday, Keith Jackson floated the idea of whether Kenny McDowall would be forced into playing these players. I actually kind of hope that he is. These incoming recruits are young, which is something our management team doesn’t tend to like. They aren’t their pals. Should the management team stay in place, it does feel like someone will have to force their hand to get deadwood like Lee McCulloch and Nicky Law out the team.

I’m optimistic about these signings. Assuming they are given a chance (or if Ashley steps in and demands they play) they should create a competition for places which has been completely absent from our squad for far too long. So if they are all to play, who will they replace?

Shane Ferguson

Ferguson is a left sided player who can play full back or left midfield. This is instantly good news. Hopefully this will be mean we no longer have to suffer Stevie Smith in midfield anymore. Nothing bad can come from this. Unless Ferguson is worse than Smith of course. But since a plank of wood could contribute more than Smith, I think this is unlikely.

Gael Bigirimana

A central midfielder, I’d like to see Bigirimana take the place of the worse than useless Nicky Law. Of all the offenders on Sunday, Law was the most offensive. Being swatted away by Van Dijk like a fly on his shoulder was about as embarrassing as it could get from a professional footballer. I hope to never see Law in a Rangers shirt again and hopefully Bigirimana will be the man to take his place.

Haris Vuckic, courtesy of Getty Images

Haris Vuckic

This Slovenian forward sounds like an interesting player. He can apparently play out wide, up front or behind the striker. From our squads perspective, I’d like to see him played wide right at first so we can get Fraser Aird out the team. If he can cross the ball without hitting the player in front of him he’ll instantly be an improvement on Aird. His reported versatility though should come in handy. If he can play off the striker he could be another player that could replace Law which would allow Bigirimana to replace Ian Black/Kyle Hutton.

Remie Streete

From what I’ve seen written about Streete he seems to be fairly highly rated and a defender with a lot of potential. My preference would be for him to take McCulloch’s place. The ‘captain’ is beyond past it and is never a centre half. Darren McGregor hasn’t been great lately either but at least centre half is his actual position.

Kevin Mbabu

Our final Sports Direct present is another defender who can play centre half or right back. Even if his main position is centre half, I still think it would be wise to play him at right back. No more Richard Foster! This calls for a celebration.

Dean Shiels & Nicky Law, courtesy of SNS


The most surprising thing for me yesterday was that deadline day came and went without a single player leaving Ibrox. Now, I know most of these players aren’t exactly going to court a lot of interest from many clubs but the surprise was that we actually knocked back two bids. Hamilton wanted Dean Shiels on loan. According to the ‘Inside the SPFL’ Twitter  account, Rangers wanted a 50% wage contribution on any loan deal that came in. It says a lot about the kind of wages we’re throwing at these players that no one could come close to matching those kinds of demands.

Even more disappointingly though, Bolton came in with a late bid for Nicky Law and we knocked it back.

I’ll say that again. We knocked back an actual money bid for Nicky Law.

They offered £120,000 for him. I think there would have been a queue of Rangers fans willing to drive Law down to Bolton for his medical if we’d accepted that bid. Rejecting the offer, I think, will look even crazier if Law loses his place to Bigirimana or Vuckic.

We need to cut the deadwood. Being paid to do so would have made a lot of sense. Come back, Bolton! We can still do a deal!

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17 thoughts on “Rangers deadline day deliveries

  1. I agree with all of that.

    We may as well throw all of these boys straight in, they can’t be worse than the current starters.

    My one issue is that our own young boys are now even further from first team game time. We’re in real danger of losing them now, I would think.


    1. Its just so unfortunate that the academy has been such a disaster and it has not been helped by Ashley pulling the strings Gordon Durie has to be put back in charge of the youngsters. And management must be allowed to manage. It was criminal to sell our best player for peanuts, Ashley decision
      which really stinks.


  2. Rangers have lost the plot ! I honestly believe the only solution to the problems is to start from scratch with these 5 new recruits to build a completely new team .


  3. As a Newcastle fan with a soft spot for the Gers I hope the lads come good for you.

    Ferguson is a fantastic crosser of the ball and a tricky left winger who was great in his first spell at Birmingham but has been really stifled by injury since we threw a 5 year deal his way.

    Vukic is probably a bit too slow for the Premier League but is technically excellent and, if played in the right position, could be a goal a game player up there. Regularly injured.

    Can’t comment much on Mbabu (as he has been regularly injured…) but Streete is a decent defender (injury prone though – sense a common theme here).

    Bigirimana looked great when he first came into a team that finished 5th but then stalled. Along with Vuckic, he could definitely be head and shoulders above most in the Championship. Plus compared to the other four he rarely gets injured.

    Of the 5, only Streete and Mbabu potentially have futures at NUFC. On the plus side for Gers if they do well you could get 3 of the 5 on freebies or a return loan in the SPL.


  4. Robert,Robert laddie, at least you did not advocate Public flogging| May i suggest you take a wee breather. Like you i watched through tearful eyes at what passed as RFC . I really wondered how bad it could get.Now i have got over the pain i am thinking a little more clearly YOUR RIGHT FLOG THE BASTARDS……….Rant over……..WATP


  5. Lost cause I appreciate your concern . It seems we both suffer from the same parasites decisions. I will look forward to watching the new recruits. At least hey have the stage to become famous by playing regular first team football
    As I gather these players have been struggling to get first team games.


  6. Never seen a Rangers team so fragile , weak and frankly , scared , in defence and midfield . Remember after Sounes’s first game in charge he said ‘ We wont be trampled ‘ , well a team of brownies could trample the current Rangers team . Would Scott Brown have intimidated the likes of John Brown ? Not a Fk’n chance ! We need to build a big powerful ,physical team and find a coach whose tactically aware and can shape them into an outfit that takes no shit and can also play a bit . There are many players in the lower English leagues who could do a job , trouble is we dont have a scouting dpt to find them .


    1. A big physical team! Again a fan who is disillusioned about modern day football. We don’t need big strong players like daly and Boyd or McCulloch! Though it hurts to say it we need small skillful players like kris commons who tortured us on Sunday! Over the past 5 years every good team has the little lads who make the big guys look shite ie: Modric and Kroos- Madrid, coutinho and sterling- Liverpool, hazard and Oscar- Chelsea, Xavi and iniesta and messi- Barcelona. Can we see the recurring theme? Gone are the days where big physical players dominate games! And lo and behold our youth team is full of this type of player!!!


  7. While I agree with most of what you said I ahve to disagree with Nicky Law. Yes he was poor during the old firm game but there was 12 other poor performances from men in blue on Sunday. Imagine how bad the table would look without Nicky Law’s goals this season. He’s not played in his natural position and although i agree he’s not “Rangers quality” hes the best player in our current squad and worth far more than £120k


  8. I’ll agree with some of the things that you’ve posted on this but get Fraser Aird out of the team, are you nuts? What we have to remember is these boys have come to rangers because they’ve been told to and only in the hope of heading back to Newcastle! We have to remember that next year Aird will be back playing every week! I’ll agree that the dead wood need moved on ie: smith, Boyd, miller, McCulloch, simonsen. But the young players that we have at the moment such as Aird and Hutton need played in every game!


  9. It was so predictable on Sunday. Celtic’s high pressing style would force Rangers to launch the ball up the park time after time, needless to say Celtic won the ball and started another attack. I suspect the poor pitch, being 2 goals up and the fact Celtic have important European games coming up, led to their more conservative stance in the second half, probably just as well given the shocking performance from Rangers. The new loan players may well give Rangers a shot in the arm although I would like to make a couple of observations…….it can take a while for players to settle in at a new club, so they may not all hit the ground running and 2) the point raised in the article suggests some of these players are a bit injury prone and therefore may not thrive in the rough and tumble of the Championship. One thing is certain, this is the last throw of the dice, if it doesn’t work Rangers are bang in trouble.


  10. A bit harsh on Law although he was awful on Sunday .He is struggling but he scores good goals and has shown he can play .As for the new boys Streete for McCulloch , Ferguson for Smith (I`ve actually seen him play and he can cross a good ball ) ,Bigiramana and Vuckic for Aird and Black and a hopefully the other young boy can play right back and replace Foster .If not play him in goal as Simonsen is the worst keeper we have ever had .Hpefully the SFA will suspend him and do us a favour !!! Get Stuart McCall in as caretaker manager untll end of season and lets go for it !!!!!!!!!!!


  11. I do not disagree with anything anybody has said but you are being a bit harsh on the players. I remember being at Firhill when John Hart the Partick Thistle Physio. was still alive he was treating my boy for shin splints. Davie Cooper was also in the treatment room having whacked his big toe when playing squash. John Hart give my son some advice saying “That when you are playing there is only 2 people you have to keep happy, the manager as you are playing to his instructions & yourself as you are playing to the managers instructions & he will pick you in his next team, forget the 50,000 fans who think they know it all” needless to say Davie Cooper totally agreed with John Hart but when I asked him how the manager told him to play, he answered they never need to. In light of what I have just said, lets take the focus of the players for one moment & look at what we have as management, their knowledge of the game, treatment of players & a playing system. Remember some players need a boot up the backside others the arm around the shoulder does this happen. Development of skills, first touch etc. does this happen are they staying back in the afternoon to further develop these skills. Ferguson bitching about having to stay back caused Paul LeGuen to leave, have the three stoogies been any better than Ferguson.
    Remember a football player is work in progress, when I played in the Cregagh Boys Club with George Best his left foot was for standing on, look how he turned out. OK the players are not performing but maybe they are as pissed off with the three stoogies as the support has become, bring in a new manager & lets see what he can do with the players we have, then if they are still the same focus goes back on the playing staff


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