Groundhog Day at Ibrox

Dave King

written by – The Old Boy

Dave King, in his various interviews to the press, seems to be supremely confident that his group will have overall power at the club. Many fans will no doubt welcome this development however there emerged from his interviews in particular to the English based press some interesting responses to questions that were raised.

He was asked if he would be willingly to put Ibrox into some form of fans trust to ensure that never again could a company or individual place a security against the home of Rangers thus endangering its existence. His response was surprising in that he ruled that option out suggesting that all the assets stay under the one umbrella.

Another curiosity was his reaction to Mike Ashley in that Dave King and his supporters have actively called for fans to boycott Rangers matches and the purchase of merchandising on the basis that Sports Direct through the ownership of Mike Ashley was strangling the club commercially therefore his interests on the current board were bad for the club. Now we understand that Ashley, who has been portrayed as the bogey man of the club, is someone that Dave King and his associates could work with.

Furthermore Mr King’s associate Paul Murray stated that it could take Rangers four or five years to get back into competing for a Champions League place. There was vague talk of millions to be spent on Ibrox in terms of repair and maintenance which is a precursor for the fans to be told there is going to be a tight budget for a new manager. If he was really confident of success at boardroom level why has he not got any idea as to who he wants as the new manager?

The simple conclusion is that Dave King and his associates have only got deep enough pockets to gain control of the boardroom, maybe! Every bit of funding on the football side will be self- financed with season ticket sales from fans. Furthermore when Dave King was asked if he took control if he would immediately pay off the loans from Sports Direct of which his response was no in that he wanted to work with that bogey man Mike Ashley the conclusion being they do not have any significant funding beyond buying majority control.

Groundhog Day will come soon in the same way as Charles Green’s pleas to the fans to buy into a new era for Rangers.  I expect the same rallying cry from Dave King to the fans spend, spend, and spend some more. In Dave King and Paul Murray, we have two former directors when Sir David Murray owned Rangers and that didn’t work out too well at the end.

I am not going to renew my season ticket this year whoever is in charge as I want to see how much of their own money is going to be put into the playing side for too long as fans we have been treated as cash cows it’s time for the suits to demonstrate goodwill.

The Old Boy has been a season ticket holder for nearly forty years.


14 thoughts on “Groundhog Day at Ibrox

  1. I watched the full interview and feel you have missed a few key points. Dave King said he would work with Mike Ashley if the deal was correct for Both Rangers and Sports Direct. The current deal is not and i assume from listening that will be looked at.

    I’d also imagine in reply to him not saying he had a manager in mind. He isn’t currently in any way in control of the club. I’m sure he’ll have a list of names, but to publicly say i want someone rises their stock and they might get another job between now and the new board (should King win the EGM) getting hired, a new contract etc.

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  2. Spot on don! The old boy seems to have missed a few key points in Kings statement. Another 1 being that he would put in half of whatever the cost is to get us back to where we belong, the other half coming from other fans and investors. As far as paying back the SD loan- why would he commit to paying it straight away??? Hes quite right to “forensically examine” every contract made with this board!! Roll on the egm and thank f**k for Dave King!!!!


    1. The gist of the post is I think that you can trust nobody when it comes to the promises being made about Rangers going forward including the current board or Dave King the proof of the pudding is not how much interested parties pay for control its how much they are going to spend on the playing side. Do you know how much money has been promised on the playing side? Robert Sarver was the answer instead what we are left with is a bunch of spins trying to out spin each other.


  3. Dear dear – some people are never happy! Never read such a misguided and glass half full post! Time the ‘old boy’ retired methinks! I think to equate Dave King with the Yorkshire asset stripper is a little off the mark! King has put his own money into Rangers in the past and is willing to do so again – unlike Green! There can be no more sitting on the fence from the Rangers support. We really are drinking in the last chance saloon. if King loses the EGM – Rangers will lose everything – including Ibrox!


  4. whilst I hope he does I don’t think king will win the egm.
    big fatso and his contacts will be working on ways of stopping him.
    money talks and they have plenty.


  5. I still get the feeling that Mike Ashley has something up his sleeve here……….if Ashley really wanted his people to stay on the Board he would simply have arranged (and supplied the money) for e.g. Easdale to purchase another 5 million shares? If the game is up, does Ashley have everything he wants or will there be another twist in the tail? I just can’t see them going quietly………..Is there something lurking in the background?


  6. While your entitled to decide you are not buying a season ticket, you can hardly accuse people of not putting money in when they are investing millions and you don`t want to stump up £300 quid .I was dubious of King but now it is obvious he is our last hope of getting the club back .If he is conning us like the rest , it will be the end anyway.It has long been a concern about the state of the stadium so to acknowledge it may need money spent is only telling the truth , which is what we have asked for .The realism too of letting everyone know that there will be no quick fix ,is also a good thing.As for the manager situation , I think maybe Richard Gough will step in until the end of the season with McDowell reverting to assistant where he seems happiest .Have faith old boy , winning back the club is only the first step,we need to start trusting someone, sometime.


    1. William my view is simply that there has been so many false dawns over the last few years that as you quite rightly say millions are getting pumped into Rangers but only it seems for control which will be secured against the assets of the club anyway. My concern is that money put into the playing side which after all is what excites fans is not being spelled out by any of the parties vying for control of the club.As fans we have followed each new saviour of our club with our investment in season ticket sales etc. I feel its now up to the suits to tell us what is going to be in it for us because when I go to the game its to watch football not who owns the biggest prawn sandwich in the boardroom.


  7. If the stadium is not fixed you won`t have anywhere to go and sit to watch the games .No-one is going to take charge of the club and declare before hand what he is going to do with the playing staff, that is the managers job and currently we don`t have one of them.I am always amused by the term “investment” in season tickets , you buy a season ticket to watch the team , you are a customer , if you don`t like the product you would stop going .When you buy a ticket for the cinema , do you have the right to criticise the owners of the cinema if you don`t like the film .If you want to be an investor you buy shares not tickets.We have the second largest playing budget already and we are not the second best team in the country , that tells me it is all about getting value for money, again appointment of manager is key.We need the current board out and ties with Ashley broken if possible.The current takeover bid is our best and probably last hope of doing this .Support it or don`t , but don`t criticise it for things which haven`t happened yet .We need to trust someone or we will die.


  8. I thought it was interesting that King referred to the nature/scale of the issues relating to the stadium with some surprise. He said a ‘balance would need to be struck’ between investment in playing staff and stadium costs. I think he will be shocked when he finds out how much money wil be required for Ibrox as it is well known that the stadium gas gone to pot for years. Coupled with most of the first team being out of contract at the end of the season, a whole new team will be required and that will cost big bucks, signing on fees? can the club afford to pay transfer fees and big wages?? Not sure about that one……..I suspect the days of Rangers spending millions they don’t have are long gone. I wrote on here last week that
    good Bosmans are going to clubs now, Billy Mackay gone, McLean at St Mirren gone, Mackay Steven gone and others being snapped up. One assumes that any Bosmans left available by the time Rangers start looking will be available for a good reason,( like most of the diddies currently wearing Rangers jerseys.)


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