The Rangers Report is no more

The Rangers Report will be going  on an extended, & likely, definite hiatus.

I would like to thank all of the writers who have contributed their time & insight to the site.  Also my gratitude goes out to the dozens, upon dozens of journalists from all over the footballing world for their contributions.

I do strongly believe that we created something that was missing from the Rangers world – a blog that was dedicated to covering the day-to-day news cycle that is Rangers Football Club, while breaking a story or two of our own.   As time went on, we were able to include a real variety of voices in our coverage. I’m proud of the content that was provided & the clean layout of the site that hopefully was visually appealing as well.

Thanks to all of you who ever took the time to read the stories posted on this site.  We were on the verge of reaching one million visits – that’s well beyond anything I had ever envisioned when this project was launched.

I will not bore you with the reasons behind this exit but will rather simply say – thank you.

Thank you.

26 thoughts on “The Rangers Report is no more

  1. Will miss you. You obviously have your reasons and I respect that. Whatever they are take care and all the best for the future


  2. It has been a great website in everything Rangers from match reports to blogs from various people and detailed debate on the comments section. I would very much like it too continue in some capacity. WATP.

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  3. Sorry to read that you are closing down the site , I loved to post and apart from a few trolls, the comments and debate were always civilised. Would really like to know what has happened to force you to shut down the site.Good Luck to you anyway , mate.


    1. William – I’ve always appreciated your commentary & I always eagerly awaited to see if I got it right or wrong in your eyes. Thanks for all of the insight you brought to the discourse. WATP


  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed both reading and contributing to your site.It has been a source of colour in the gray world of football press.Please take care and enjoy whatever you move on to do, which I am sure will be successful.All the best to you and yours.

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  5. fuckin your blog.1st one i look for.gutted.thanks for your thoughts and putting into words alot of the minefeild upon which we are all sifting thru.good luckk in the future.hope u aint been forced off with lawyers.watp

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  6. You’ll be sorely missed, I enjoyed reading a sensible Rangers blog. It was refreshing to read interesting, intelligently written stuff about the clu instead of having to wade through the usual. Unique. Thanks for everything.

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