The Rangers Report is making a comeback

courtesy of SNS

I’m very excited to announce that Rangers Report will be making a comeback to the Rangers blogosphere.  However, it will be under new guidance & leadership.

Basically I will continue my own sabbatical but will be handing the keys to the blog over to a few, trusted writers who have contributed to the site in the past.  They will be given control over the blog & will transform it into something new & very likely improved.  Some of the core values that I tried to implement will be passed on but ultimately the site will evolve into something different.  However, I am excited by this prospect.

I miss Rangers Report.

It will take a while to regain many of the readers who may have forgotten about the site but hopefully you can help spread the word via Twitter, message boards, etc. as the new editors of the site get the blog up & running again.

As some of you know, I started this site a couple of summers ago.  I pulled the plug back in February for reasons that don’t really need to be discussed here.  I still follow the team incessantly & still scream at the television for Nicky Law to wake up & do something – ANYTHING!

Kenny Miller, courtesy of SNS

I still can’t fathom why Kenny Miller continues to be the answer upfront for another year.

And while I respect Stuart McCall for the competency he has brought to he club – I’d still prefer Rangers to roll the dice & hire someone like Ian Cathro or Scot Gemmill to bring the footballing philosophy at Ibrox into the 21st century.

But I digress….maybe the new editors will let me do a guest post every once & awhile.

Meanwhile, if you want to see what I’ve been up to – you can check out a hockey blog I’ve recently launched.  It’s still very much in its embryonic stage but it will hopefully become something I’m proud of.

For now, I bid you adieu again & I hope that you share my excitement that the blog will be making a comeback.

13 thoughts on “The Rangers Report is making a comeback

  1. Great to have you back.Only site that doesn’t seem to have a hidden agenda.Nice to have a site with the clubs best interests at heart.


  2. Great to see you back. Used to read but never participated or registered but missed you. Hope you get the support to stay online.


  3. welcome back, can honestly say i was gutted when this stopped, i really feel that other rangers blogs are sub standard and an iron brew compared to irn bru


  4. this was a great blog well put together and always well received….did not always agree with the posts but would respect the reasoning behind the comments…a big welcome back


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