Before the baton is handed over…

…I thought it was only right that I paid tribute to the great work Jason did before posting the first article since he announced that the blog was returning under new guidance – don’t worry, there’s no legal transferring of ownership, no unfounded claims of a loss of history, all previous entries are well and truly in tact!

I’m sure you’ll agree in saying that he did a remarkable job of building up one of the most informative and engaging Rangers blogs out there – and probably the most regularly updated one too. He managed to gather a substantial following on social media through his dedication to keeping the content fresh and his ability to source unique stories by gaining input from bloggers of other teams. I for one will be looking to keep the things which made the site so popular.

I’d like to thank him for allowing myself and others to assume control of the blog and hope that if he ever wishes to return to the blog that he feels we have in some way improved or evolved it into something different but most importantly retained its status as an independent Rangers site which aims to provide an enjoyable read to fellow supporters.

I’m currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Glasgow Caledonian University and have my own personal blog but haven’t had the time to or a large enough readership to motivate me to commit myself to keeping it up-to-date. Fortunately, I have quite a bit of spare time during the summer and if the comments and number of views on the last post are anything to go by then I hope that the new team of writers can supply the writing that will see you continue to gravitate towards this blog as your go to source for Rangers news and opinion.

6 thoughts on “Before the baton is handed over…

  1. It was a great run & I am very excited to hand the site over to Jordan & a few others. I’m really looking forward to following the site as Rangers enters a monumental summer.


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