Former Rangers forward finally showing signs of life for St. Mirren

Calum Gallagher

written by – Rangers Report

Former Rangers forward Calum Gallagher was looking like an absolute bust after the first four matches of the season for St. Mirren.  He had played just over 200 minutes in two starts & two appearances off the bench & had yet to even register a shot on goal.

After tallying 0.82 points (goals + assists) while on loan for Cowdenbeath last season, there was a genuine concern from many (this author included) that Mark Warburton was making the wrong choice in choosing players like an aging Kenny Miller & a largely ineffective Nicky Clark over Gallagher.  However, it should be acknowledged that Miller has been one of Rangers most effective players this season in limited time & even Nicky Clark looked improved early on (even though he has been phased out of late).

Calum Gallagher?  Well….a forward with no shots, isn’t going to last too long.

But, maybe Gallagher is finally adjusting to life at a new club & a strong performance against Queen of the South last weekend may indicate that Gallagher is ready to deliver on his potential.

In that 2-0 victory, Gallagher had four shots, with two being on target.  Three of the shots came from within the penalty box & he ended up with an Expected Goals of 0.46 for the game.

If he can string together a few more matches like that, expect to see the 20-year old making a real impact on a St. Mirren side that is desperate for some goals (only three prior to their 2-0 win on Saturday).

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2 thoughts on “Former Rangers forward finally showing signs of life for St. Mirren

  1. Only league games were considered. I’m not a big fan of including stats from cup games…I remember last season getting criticized for pointing out Kris Boyd’s horrible form & fans would cite all the goals he scored against Clyde as proof he was doing just fine.


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