Rangers feel like Rangers again

Written by – Jamie Currie

(Pic: RFC)

written by – Jamie Currie

This week, Rangers head to Dumbarton to take on Stevie Aitken’s side. Even though Rangers have a 100% record on the line, the message from the manager and the players is always the same: one game at a time.

Last week, the 3-0 win against Livingston at Ibrox, in truth, seemed flat in comparison to the other performances in the league so far. Human nature dictates that Rangers will not turn up week after week scoring fives, sixes, and maybe sevens, but the willingness to show improvements week in, week out are what is pleasing most about this current regime.

The players seem to be buying into Warburton’s methods and to be fair, it’s crystal clear on the field and how evident the style of play is. It all comes down to the recruitment in the summer window, no ‘marquee’ signings, no older players whose star is on the wane, just young players, like the manager said, who are young and hungry – the difference from last season, is night and day. And with Ally now off the club’s payroll it’s now becoming a painful – almost forgotten memory.

Of course, it’s easy to wax lyrical about a team that is showing no signs of losing. They are showing that they can win games, not only by passing teams to death and playing entertaining stuff, but grinding out results, doing the dirty side of the game when it is needed. That’s the sign of a championship-winning side, regardless of which division it plays in.

Dumbarton were actually one of the few sides last season that didn’t manage to take any points from Rangers, and with the way Warburton’s men have started this season, I wouldn’t imagine that they or any other sides in the Championship will be banking on taking any points from rampant Rangers, at home or away.

(Pic: Express)

Eleven wins in a row this weekend would be quite the feat, but beyond the field of play from top to bottom and out in the stands before games kick-off there is a feeling of anticipation and excitement. It now feels like a fully-functioning football club – one that the fans and everyone who is lucky enough to represent in whatever capacity right from the chairman to the people in the ticket office can puff their chest out and now say: “This is the Rangers I grew up loving.”

It’s that last statement that warms the heart of not only myself, but also most Rangers fans around the world. It’s just a magnificent added bonus that the club seems to be moving into the 21st century with the coaching methods of Mr Warburton (and his magic hat).

It’s down to Mr Warburton and the team that Ibrox is a far happier place to visit these days, and I think after four years of hell – so to speak – the fans deserve to see the team and the club provide them with such pleasure.

This great club is on the rise and having witnessed some of the 9-in-a-row period, and the nights at Ibrox going toe-to-toe with Bayern Munich and Parma along with that night in Manchester – this period in the club’s history may well just go down in history as an important building block for bringing nights like the aforementioned back to the club.

It’s a small step in the right direction, but the future of the club seems to be as bright as one can ever remember.

That’s thanks to the board, the management team and of course, the loyal support.

Together we are stronger.


5 thoughts on “Rangers feel like Rangers again

  1. I think we should accept that the performances and results being witnessed this season should have been displayed last season. As a result of that disaster, another year has elapsed and it demonstrates how bad things were last year. Whilst this season’s games have been a lot better, I think some fans need a reality check. I heard a fan on a radio phone in last night saying that he wouldn’t accept Rangers taking any less than 5 goals off St Johnstone in the forthcoming League Cup meeting!! This is the first test against Premiership opposition and whilst I fancy Rangers to get through this one, many tougher tests lie ahead


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