Goal Creation Leaders for Rangers & rest of the Scottish Championship

Martyn Waghorn

written by – Rangers Report

A third of the season is in the books & while goals are relatively random events – some players have established themselves as the most consistent & prolific contributors this season.

The following lists the top ten goal creators this season, as measured by goals + assists per 90 minutes (a.k.a. points per 90).

The minimum is 600 minutes played.  Also, only non-penalty goals are considered.

Min G/90 A/90 Pts/90
Martyn Waghorn, Rangers 1051 0.43 0.43 0.86
James Tavernier, Rangers 1052 0.43 0.26 0.68
Barrie McKay, Rangers 912 0.20 0.39 0.59
Liam Henderson, Hibs 779 0.35 0.23 0.58
John Baird, Falkirk 971 0.46 0.09 0.56
Lee Wallace, Rangers 1023 0.44 0.09 0.53
Jason Holt, Rangers 858 0.42 0.10 0.52
Gary Glen, Livingston 904 0.10 0.40 0.50
Derek Lyle, Queen of the South 1085 0.41 0.08 0.50
Jason Cummings, Hibs 931 0.48 0.00 0.48
  • Rangers have scored 14 more goals then the second best team…so it show in the leaderboard with half of the top 10 goal creators coming from the league leaders.
  • Both Martyn Waghorn & Jason Cummings have scored five non-penalty goals but what sets Waghorn apart is the complete game that he has played this season.  His 0.43 assists per 90 leads the league & coupled with his goal production gives him a significant edge over the rest of the field with 0.86 points per 90 minutes.
  • The best goal scorer so far this season is Hibs’ Jason Cummings & that was on display this past weekend against Rangers.  Another interesting note is that 80% of his goals have been the first goal scored in the match.  You could make the argument that the first goal is the most important of any given match because it forces the opponent to change up their tactical plan in order to compensate for going behind.
  • John Baird has contributed to 42% of Falkirk’s goals this season.
Jordan White, courtesy of Craig Williamson (SNS)

The following table features players who do not have the minimum of 600 minutes but have had a real impact on their team’s scoring this season & may be in line for many more minutes going forward.

Min G/90 A/90 Pts/90
Jordan White, Livingston 482 0.75 0.37 1.12
Jordyn Sheerin, Livingston 380 0.47 0.24 0.71
Lawrence Shankland, St. Mirren 409 0.44 0.22 0.66
Martin Boyle, Hibs 311 0.58 0.00 0.58
James Keatings, Hibs 320 0.56 0.00 0.56
Dean Shiels, Rangers 338 0.53 0.00 0.53
Kenny Miller, Rangers 561 0.32 0.16 0.48
David Smith, Falkirk 585 0.00 0.46 0.46
Nicky Law, Rangers 421 0.21 0.21 0.43
Gary Oliver, Queen of the South 436 0.41 0.00 0.41
  • Recently we highlighted the expected resurgence of Livingston & the play of Jordan White has been a major catalyst for Livi’s recent form.  The 23-year old saw his minutes limited early in the season but his recent spike in production has been impossible to ignore.  In only 482 minutes, he has four goals & two assists – to put that in context Waghorn & Cummings have five goals in twice the amount of playing time.
  • The Kenny Miller dilemma.  He has been productive this season, but most of that came in the season’s first month.  However, it would be shortsighted to toss him to the side at this point.  Miller still has the knack to get himself into promising scoring opportunities & averages 0.51 Expected Goals per 90 minutes (second to only Jordan White’s 0.53).  If the veteran can get his finishing touch back, there will be more goals coming from the 35-year old.

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