We Welcome the Chase Podcast: Halloween Spleen

Jason Holt & Lee Wallace

Rangers Report is very please to announce a partnership with the We Welcome the Chase podcast.  Snagsy, Baz, Simmy & the rest of the WWTC team will be infusing the fancy stats compiled for each Rangers match into their review of the recent games played.

In this week’s episode:

Join Snagsy, Paul, Simmy and Tattoo stew in a very spooky podcast, as they discuss the games, the news plus the usual features…plus which fish have you done? 

You can follow the podcast on Twitter at @WWTC_pod & can listen to the pod via iTunes or their Podbean site.

If you enjoy what you hear, please take a moment to leave a rating & comment on iTunes &/or Podbean.

You can also watch the episode below:

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