Rangers xG Report: Rangers v Livingston

James Tavernier, courtesy of RFC

written by – Rangers Report

Player Shots xG
Waghorn 3 0.48
Oduwa 2 0.25
Miller 2 0.25
Holt 1 0.19
Tavernier 1 0.06
McKay 1 0.06
  • Not a surprise to see Martyn Waghorn at the top of this list, however his three shots is below the 4.42 shots per 90 he was averaging coming into the match.
  • It is hard to generate secondary scoring when you only get five shots from players not named Waghorn or Miller.  Of the team’s total Expected Goals, 56% came from the the two forward’s five shots.

image (2)

The above graph features shots along the horizontal axis & xG along the vertical.

  • Within the context of a game in which Rangers only generated ten shots (seven below their average) – Waghorn sticks out as the player generating a decent volume of shots from dangers areas.  On average, each shot had an xG of 0.16 – meaning he was getting shots from High Danger areas for the most part.
  • Kenny Miller & Nathan Oduwa shared an xG per shot of 0.13.  For Miller, his best chance was snubbed by an excellent save from Marc McCallum.   For Oduwa, his accuracy continues to be subpar.  Neither of his shots were on target & for the season only 14% of his shots have forced the keeper into making a save.  It is hard to score when 86% of your shots end up missing the goal all together.
  • Jason Holt’s goal was a case study of the appeal of generating shots from a High Danger area.  His strike exemplified why the team is so diligent in trying to work the ball into the box to create better scoring opportunities.  Unfortunately, it was his only shot of the game.

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