Rangers xG Report: Wags left to rue the day

Martyn Waghorn & Nicky Law, courtesy of RFC
Martyn Waghorn & Nicky Law, courtesy of RFC

written by – Rangers Report

xG vs Falkirk

The size of the circle reflects the total of Expected Goals for each player.

Player Shots xG
Martyn Waghorn 5 0.42
Nicky Law 2 0.38
Andy Halliday 4 0.35
Barrie McKay 1 0.19
Kenny Miller 1 0.19
James Tavernier 3 0.16
  • Last week, ten players generated a shot & this week only six players managed to do so.  Of those six, only four were in the starting eleven.
  • Nicky Law played an assertive & effective half hour & the numbers support that.  It was his shot that hit the post & both of his shots came from High Danger areas.
  • Martyn Waghorn’s shots do not include the penalty, as Expected Goals only measure shots generated in the run of play.  Even though he had five shots, you can see his impact was on par with Law & Andy Halliday.
  • Noticeably absent from this list is Lee Wallace, Jason Holt, Dean Shiels, & Nathan Oduwa who all tend to generate good shot totals but were shut out on Saturday.

xG per shot v Falkirk

  • While Waghorn, Halliday, & James Tavernier had a high number of shots – no one was consistently generating High Danger shots.  Normally, you’d  like to see a player or two to the upper right of the average in this graph & that would represent players who were getting a high number of shots with higher Expected Goals per shot.
  • Even though he only played 25 minutes, you can make the case that Nicky Law ended up being Rangers most dangerous threat to score given he had two shots, both from the heart of the penalty area.
  • Barrie McKay’s goal will get forgotten in the aftermath of this one, but it was a well taken opportunity that came off a rebounded shot from Andy Halliday that Nathan Oduwa pounced on & got across to McKay for the assist.

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