Rangers xG Report: Hibs no match for Rangers front three

Jason Holt, courtesy of SNS
Jason Holt, courtesy of SNS

written by – Rangers Report

xG v Hibs

The size of the circle reflects the total of Expected Goals for each player.

Player Shots xG
Martyn Waghorn 3 0.54
Jason Holt 3 0.45
Nicky Clark 3 0.45
Barrie McKay 2 0.25
Kenny Miller 1 0.20
James Tavernier 1 0.05
Andy Halliday 1 0.05
  • Rangers front three, consisting of Martyn Waghorn, Barrie McKay, Kenny Miller & then Nicky Clark, accounted for 72% of Rangers Expected Goals & 64% of their shots.  Of their nine shots, 55% tested the keeper & of those shots on target, 40% beat Mark Oxley for goals.
  • Nicky Clark’s contributions are even more impressive give that he only played 28 minutes.  He & Kenny Miller have proven to be interchangeable while maintaining an effectiveness at getting high quality shots on goal.
  • Jason Holt has feasted on providing a second wave of attack, as teams are forced to hone in on stopping the threat from Rangers striker (whether it be Waghorn or Miller).  His ability to find space in the penalty box has been a revelation this season.

xG per shot v Hibs

  • This is usually an indicator of a strong performance from Rangers – when you have multiple players generating a relatively high number of shots while averaging a high Expected Goals per shot average.  For example, Nicky Clark & Jason Holt both had three shots that had an average expected success rate of 15%.  Martyn Waghorn’s three shots had an average Expected Goals rate of 18%.  These numbers are based on where the shot is coming from & how the shot is taken.

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