Celtic’s desperate attempts to lure back Liam Burt

Liam Burt

written by – John McIntosh

On Tuesday night, Derek McGregor of the Scottish Sun broke the news that Celtic had made attempts to lure Liam Burt back to Parkhead. However, it appears that the youngster is actually set to sign a new contract and commit his immediate future to Rangers.

Some people reading this may not know an awful lot about Burt or the initial story – so let’s bring you up to speed.  

Liam Burt was initially at Celtic youth & then they released him at a young age.  In truth, Celtic seem to have a strange youth set up with the focus on winning being imperative and, quite possibly, restrictive to youth development.  In turn, they demand the highest of performance levels, so they often will sign a rival player to replace their own prospects.

So in the case of Burt, the way it was dealt with has left a poor taste with some people connected to him.  Fortunately, Rangers were on hand to give him a route back into pro youth football and quite rightly as he is a massive talent.  He promises to have a big future, if he keeps himself grounded and continues to work hard, which I’m sure he will given his attitude and his support network.

Having briefly spoken to Liam and to someone closely connected to him, I can sense that he is a sensible, grounded lad who has a secure protective family around him who don’t want him messed around again. This is a massive reason I’m very confident, although he has friends in the Celtic youth set up and started there, he wouldn’t be lured away; he’s at the perfect place to develop as a young player.

courtesy of RFC

There is now a clear pathway to the first team, with Mark Warburton interested in developing young, talented players, evidenced by the overhaul of the youth system, influenced by the excellent Head of Youth development Craig Mulholland.  That and the fact that Burt is already in the Scotland U19s side at just 16 years of age and heavily involved with Rangers U20s, having scored three goals in his last few appearances – including a delightful lob against Aberdeen.

Liam Burt is versatile in that he can play a few positions but I see his game in a similar light to our own fans’ favourite Jason Holt – with Burt being perfect for the number 10 role in that pocket of space.  He has a great first touch, good vision, rarely loses the ball, is a very good dribbler and has added goals to his game along with being a creative outlet. Of course he has a long way to go but he is for me our best technical talent alongside Jordan Thompson in the U20s and has a big future.

Being involved in the first team match squad as the 19th man in a home match against Falkirk will have been an incredible experience at such a tender age. Like many of the U20s team, he is regularly training with the first team and the two groups are far closer these days, which can only be a good thing.

Going back to Celtic’s daring attempt, I know this isn’t the first time Celtic have attempted to try and tempt him back but he has been with Rangers for quite a few years since his release and since the overhaul of the youth set up, our youth have gone from really basic football to a modern 4-3-3 throughout and emphasizes playing the ball from the back in quick, short passing movements, which is very pleasing to see.

Celtic were successful back in 2011 in luring Dylan McGeouch away from us and while he is now playing with Hibernian he hasn’t gone on to be as successful as originally expected. This was still very damaging for Rangers to lose a top youth talent at the time.

My personal opinion is that I feel very confident Liam will make the right decision for his professional career and sign a new deal with Rangers.


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7 thoughts on “Celtic’s desperate attempts to lure back Liam Burt

    1. Think that having read probably nearly all Celtic sources in recent months and the player never being mentioned says it all. Good luck to the young lad in his career and hopefully this cheap attempt at point scoring does not attract undue pressure. Let the lad develop away from the spotlight and by that I do not mean at a Championship club but rather the needless drawing of attention for the sake of a silly feel good story.


  1. Joe you this dude below from http://www.htic.comin disguise so as usual all story’s about Celtic are made up yet all the the ones about The Mighty Glasgow Rangers are true. Man you lot are getting so boring now same shit different day, when are you lot going to accept The Glasgow Rangers are here to stay no matter how much people are trying everything under the sun so but I doubt if 2016 will be any different in the pretty funny and embarrassing length supporters of other teams have gone to try and destroy my football club, the only difference next year will be our continued march back to the top of Scottish Football so a Happy New Year to you all and especially to my Rangers Brethren.
    Albert Camus
    2 days ago
    Utter pish.

    I know young Burt, and Celtic have never approached him. Dylan McGeouch did play in a Champions League match for Celtic. The best young Burt can hope for is the Petrofied Cup and the glory associated with that prestigious trophy.


    1. A Happy New Year to you Denis, may all your dreams not turn out to be nightmares. I tried to follow the link you posted, but no luck, bit of a mystery to me. Regarding the “same shit” you mentioned, well that easily and equally applies to what is posted by your side of the divide. The “obsession” word is frequently used, well there is no obsession, only a wonderful appreciation of the comedy provided by the tribute team and their fans, for that I thank you. You have every right to feel proud of your teams achievements, two lower league titles and a losing appearance in the Petrofac cup in their short three year history should be applauded,


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