We Welcome the Chase Podcast: New Year’s Edition

Rangers Report is very pleased to announce a partnership with the We Welcome the Chase podcast.  Snagsy,Baz,Simmy & the rest of the WWTC team will be infusing the fancy stats compiled for each Rangers match into their review of the recent games played.

In this week’s episode:

Join Snagsy, Baz, Strew, Paul and Special Guest Ricki Neil from RangersFirst as we discuss how we’d tackle life with a addition to your head and back…. also we discuss the rampant win over Hibs and the single fan ownership group. Happy New Year!

You can follow the podcast on Twitter at @WWTC_pod & can listen to the pod via iTunes or their Podbean site.

If you enjoy what you hear, please take a moment to leave a rating & comment on iTunes &/or Podbean.

You can also watch the episode below (be forewarned of some NSFW language):

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