Controlled Zone Entries aka The Barrie McKay Show

Barrie McKay, courtesy of RFC
Barrie McKay, courtesy of RFC

written by – Rangers Report

Note:  For an explanation of this statistic, please read this introductory post.

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Player CZE Pos Res Success Rate Highlighted Team results
Barrie McKay 12 10 0.83 goal, 8 shots
James Tavernier 10 5 0.50 penalty earned, corner, throw in
Gedion Zelalem 8 6 0.75 shot, 3 throw-ins
Andy Halliday 7 6 0.86 goal, 3 shots, 2 corners
Martyn Waghorn 7 5 0.71 2 shots
Lee Wallace 6 5 0.83 goal, 2 shots, corner
Harry Forrester 4 2 0.50 shot, free kick
Kenny Miller 3 3 1.00 2 shots
Jason Holt 3 2 0.67
Danny Wilson 2 2 1.00
Dean Shiels 2 1 0.50 corner
Dominic Ball 1 1 1.00 throw in
Totals 65 48 0.74 3 goals, penalty earned, 20 shots

CZE:  Controlled Zone Entry, Pos Res:  Positive Result, Success Rate:  percentage of controlled entries turned into a positive result

This data is meant to be an entry point to further understand where Rangers attack is being generated.  It is, however, only a starting point.

These stats would have much greater meaning if passing in the final third was tracked.  The players mentioned above are the catalysts for advanced play in the attacking third, but the ultimate results usually fall upon the feet of their teammates.

  • Where to begin with Barrie McKay’s output?  Obviously his goal on his long run into the final third will get the most attention.  But it should also be highlighted that 80% of his controlled entries into the final third led to a shot & 29% of Rangers total shots in the run of play came from McKay’s CZEs.
  • It was another strong outing from James Tavernier, who chipped in ten CZE – one of which ultimately led to a penalty call.
  • Gedion Zelalem actually had the same rate of Controlled Zone Entries as McKay.
  • These are the kinds of matches where the performance of Andy Halliday is often overlooked.  However, he was a real presence driving play into the final third on Sunday.  He had seven CZE, which led to a goal, three shots, & two corners.
  • Harry Forrester came on & promptly tried to impress his abilities on the Ibrox crowd.  He had four CZE in 28 minutes which led to one shot on goal & a free kick earned.  His skill-set seemed very aligned with Barrie McKay.
  • Of Rangers’ Controlled Zone Entries, 63% came in the first half as Cowdenbeath ceded more of the possession.  With the opponents making a greater attempt to push forward, Rangers were a little more apt to look for longer balls into the final third to take advantage of number advantages.
  • For the third straight match, Rangers generated a shot on approximately 30% of their CZE (31% against Cowdenbeath).

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