A statistical comparison of Lee Wallace & James Tavernier


written by – Rangers Report   graph by – Mike Driggs

Our graphics wizard, Mike Driggs, has developed a DIY tool to compare players. It’s a graph that fans of Football Manager & those of you used to seeing statistical presentations from other leagues will be very accustomed to seeing.

Yes, we acknowledge that it is a bit absurd to be using offensive statistics to be comparing full backs.  But as all Rangers supporters know, two of the team’s biggest threats this season have been Lee Wallace & James Tavernier.

The statistics include:

Non-penalty goals per 90 minutes

Assists per 90 minutes

Expected Goals per 90 minutes:  how many goals each player is expected to score per 90 minutes based on where & how the shot is taken (or another way of looking at it is – what percent chance will a player get a goal over a 90 minute stretch)

Shooting Percentage:  what % of shots on target beat the goalie for a goal

Shooting Accuracy:  what % of shots are on target (either forcing the goalie into a save or beating him for a goal)

Scoring Chance Percentage:  scoring chances are defined as shots taken from a High Danger or Very High Danger area.  Basically the heart of the penalty area inwards towards the goal.  Then what % of High/Very High Danger shots on target beat the goalie for a goal.  In essence, we are measuring how effective of a finisher the player is when they are are in a prime scoring location.

Expected Goals per shot:  this is a way to measure how dangerous each players’ shot is on average.  This is particularly useful when comparing forwards, not full backs….but let’s just be a little silly.

Shots per 90 minutes

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.52.57 PM

Player NPG/90 A/90 xG/90 Sh% ShAcc Scoring Chance Sh % xG/shot Sh/90
James Tavernier 0.36 0.46 0.20 0.412 0.315 0.667 0.074 2.74
Lee Wallace 0.26 0.26 0.17 0.455 0.393 0.400 0.116 1.45

You can see an interactive version of this graph here.

As always we are open to requests:  What other players would you like to see compared using this style of graph?  We have the stats for each player in the Championship – so who should we compare next?  

You can follow Rangers Report on Twitter @TheGersReport

You can follow Mike Driggs on Twitter @RSCPDX & to experience higher definition, interactive versions of these graphs make sure to visit Mike’s website.



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