Controlled Zone Entries lead to Rangers’ goal & little else

Barrie McKay, courtesy of FFC
Barrie McKay, courtesy of FFC

written by – Rangers Report

Note:  For an explanation of this statistic, please read this introductory post.

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Player CZE Pos Res Success Rate Highlighted Team results
Barrie McKay 12 4 0.33 3 throw-ins
James Tavernier 8 3 0.38 goal, shot, corner
Lee Wallace 5 3 0.60 shot
Martyn Waghorn 4 3 0.75 throw in, corner
Harry Forrester 4 3 0.75
Nicky Law 4 2 0.50 corner
Dean Shiels 3 3 1.00 throw in, corner
Dominic Ball 2 2 1.00 corner
Kenny Miller 2 1 0.50
Gedion Zelalem 2 0 0.00
Totals 46 24 0.52 goal, 2 shots

CZE:  Controlled Zone Entry, Pos Res:  Positive Result, Success Rate:  percentage of controlled entries turned into a positive result

This data is meant to be an entry point to further understand where Rangers attack is being generated.  It is, however, only a starting point.

These stats would have much greater meaning if passing in the final third was tracked.  The players mentioned above are the catalysts for advanced play in the attacking third, but the ultimate results usually fall upon the feet of their teammates.

  • Rangers entry into the final third was driven by two players.  Barrie McKay & James Tavernier accounted for 43% of the CZE & if it weren’t for the last minute goal that came from Tavernier driving possession into the final third — then their 20 combined entries would have resulted in zero shots.
  • Two shots on 46 controlled entries into the final third represents a shot on 4% of their CZE.  Last week they generated a shot on 37% of their entries & the week before it was 15%.
  • Rangers were lacking a real central drive into the final third – with the three starting midfielders combining for only nine CZE.  Even that is a bit misleading given that Nicky Law had three quick & short lived entries right before he was subbed out.
  • Gedion Zelalem may not be the favorite player among many in the fan base but you can rely on him to push possession into the final third.  His two CZE in 13 minutes which represents one per 6.5 minutes.  Law averaged a CZE per 15.3 minutes, Shiels one per 25.7 minutes & Ball had a controlled entry every 45 minutes.  Given Ball’s role that would be expected, especially in a tightly contested match – but either Law or Shiels had to be more involved in getting the ball into the final third.
  • Harry Forrester averaged a controlled entry into the final third every 7.3 minutes & really kept the defenders on their back heels.

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