A look at what Rangers will be losing with the injury to Martyn Waghorn

Martyn Waghorn, courtesy of RFC

written by – Rangers Report

It was obvious once you saw Martyn Waghorn’s grabbing his knee after being tackled by Stevie Smith on Tuesday night that something was wrong.  When Kenny Miller immediately began motioning to the Rangers coaching staff rather then celebrating the subsequent penalty goal you knew that Waghorn was done for the night & probably longer.

So what will Rangers be missing with Waghorn out for the next six to eight weeks?

In league play this season, Waghorn has accounted for…

  • 26% of Rangers shots –  the next best is James Tavernier with 15% of the shots
  • 31% of the shots on target – next best is Tavernier (12%)
  • 32% of the goals – next best is Kenny Miller & Jason Holt (13%)
  • 28% of the Expected Goals – next best is Miller with 13% of the xG
  • If you factor in assists, he has had a direct role in 41% of the goals
  • If you factor in both primary & secondary assists, he has had a role in 48% of the goals


On the bright side, some of those numbers are skewed by the high number of penalty goals that Waghorn has accumulated.  If you take those eight goals away, he accounts for 22% of the non-penalty goals….which still represents a significant core of Rangers offence.

However, forward is one of the positions in which Rangers do have some real depth.  Kenny Miller’s non-penalty goals per 90 minutes is actually higher then Waghorn’s this season (0.63 compared to 0.52).  In the second half against Alloa, Michael O’Halloran  put on a pretty dominant display out on the right (where Waghorn has played much of this season) & obviously Nicky Clark showed he can find the back of the net as well against Killie.

Can any one of these players replace the sheer volume of offence that Waghorn has provided?  Probably not.  But as a collective?  Maybe so.

We shall see.

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