Announcement of new site focused on visual analytics

courtesy of Mike Driggs
courtesy of Mike Driggs

Regular readers of our site have become familiar with the work of Mike Driggswhose graphical talents have brought to life the stats that we present.

From his Goal Creation Graphs, to the Who Assisted Who chart, to his radar charts – Driggs has taken our coverage of Rangers & the Scottish Championship to a whole new, exciting level.

Wany to see a graphical representation on each goal that Kenny Miller has scored this season? It’s there.  How about all of the goals scored against Rangers?  It’s there as well.  How about who is on the receiving end of assists from the likes of James Tavernier or Barrie McKay?  

Here is the link to the site.  It’s highly interactive – so be forewarned that you can can easily escape the realities of work, school, life, etc. for quite awhile.

Also, Mike is debuting his project to graphically present a history of Rangers goalscoring.  Below, you’ll see where Ally McCoist’s goals fall in the history of the club.  You can pick any player – whether it be Alexei Mikhailichenko (a personal favorite), Davie Cooper, or Mo Johnston it’s there.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.16.40 PM

Give the site a visit & I’m sure that Mike would appreciate any, & all, feedback.

You can follow Mike Driggs on Twitter @RSCPDX 

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